Colton Underwood Makes ‘Bachelor’ History For All The Wrong Reasons

Colton Underwood just made Bachelor history for all the wrong reasons. He is the first man to appear on the show looking for love, beginning his journey with 30 women and ending with none in a finale twist that broke every rule the series has held in place for 23 seasons, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

In part one of the series two-part finale, Underwood realized that his feelings of love for Cassie eclipsed any romantic feelings he had for the show’s other two finalists: Tayshia and Hannah G. He ultimately broke things off each of them, approaching each woman separately to tell them that although he cared for each of them deeply, his heart belonged to Cassie.

Prior to Underwood’s rule-breaking choice, fans looked forward to the series iconic rose ceremony, where the bachelor in search of love hands a final rose to the woman of his choosing either with a proposal or a promise to continue their relationship outside of the public eye. This would ultimately not happen because there was no one to decide between for Underwood – he only wanted Cassie.

Unfortunately, Underwood’s decision that Cassie was the woman for him wouldn’t be a straight path, as she chose to leave him behind after doubting her feelings. This was exacerbated by the constant presence of her father, both literally and figuratively, who pushed her toward a decision not to commit to someone unless she knew she was truly in love.

Bachelor Nation was frustrated at Cassie’s inability to play the game the way it always had been played, knowing that if you entered The Bachelor mansion, you were interested in a committed relationship that could ultimately lead to an engagement and hopefully, marriage. Doubts about the ultimate goal were not counted in as a factor.

Both Hannah and Tayshia appeared on the show’s live segment, which was interspersed between the taped series. Hannah revealed that it was a “slap in the face” that Colton admitted to Cassie that he thought about her often, even when he was on dates with other contestants. She revealed that was “the ultimate rejection,” particularly when he said to her during their breakup, “I thought it was going to be you.”

Tayshia seemed a little more at peace with Underwood’s decision to end their relationship and admitted that his rejection “was a surprise” and she wasn’t ready for her “journey to end there.”

The season finale cliffhanger showed Underwood making a decision to get Cassie back, whatever it took. The show ended with him knocking on her door.

“Cassie left me, but I still love her,” Underwood said. “I don’t want to leave here without her.”

Although Underwood is the first man to reject both women before the final rose ceremony occurs and to have his third woman jilt him, he is not the first Bachelor to find himself in an unusual predicament at the end of his season. Bachelor star Brad Womack picked no one in Season 11, rejecting his final two women at the final rose ceremony. The show gave him another chance at redemption in Season 15, picking Emily Maynard.

The finale of Season 23 of The Bachelor airs tonight on ABC.

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