Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Carly’s Hospitalized And Oscar’s Loved Ones Lend Their Support

Monday’s episode of General Hospital was an intense one, and spoilers suggest that there’s more intensity coming with Tuesday’s show. Ava is trying to come to grips with realizing she was never with Kevin, Elizabeth has been brutally honest with Franco, and Jason has finally found Carly. Where do all of these storylines head next?

She Knows Soaps details that the March 12 show will feature action with Josslyn, Sonny, Sasha, and Valentin. The sneak peek packed with General Hospital spoilers shared at the end of Monday’s show added a few extra teasers. Viewers will also see action with Carly and Jason, Brad and Lucas, as well as Maxie and Peter.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that the teen crew will start facing the music after their secret and problematic trip to Niagara Falls. Oscar’s condition remains concerning and Josslyn will step up to accept responsibility for the poor decisions the group made that led to this situation.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show reveals that Josslyn, Kim, and Drew will all be by Oscar’s side. Despite the ominous situation at hand with his recent major seizure, it looks as if the quartet will manage to laugh a little as they talk about what comes next.

Sonny will make progress in Turkey as he continues to search for Dante. Robert tried to talk Sonny out of the approach he’s been intent on taking, and he was annoyed to discover that he’d been ditched. The mob boss has insisted on doing things his way, and it seems he’s determined to move forward on his own.

Tuesday’s show will also bring more with Sasha and Valentin. These two keep going around and around about the secret they’re hiding from Nina, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sasha will issue a new warning to her partner.

Valentin is anxious to remarry Nina, and he’s convinced himself that his scheme with Sasha is justified. However, this secret will be exposed, and it seems the day that happens is edging closer and closer.

Maxie is determined to figure out the truth now that she’s become suspicious, and she’s trying a new approach after her first attempt failed. General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll talk about this with Peter during Tuesday’s show as Nina again comes close to overhearing Sasha and Valentin discussing their secret.

Monday’s show featured Ava realizing the truth about Ryan taking Kiki from her along with Jason saving Carly. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’ll be another day or so before more of Ava’s reaction is shown, but Carly and Jason will appear during Tuesday’s episode.

Carly will be grateful to Jason for saving her, and he’ll point out that he’ll always be there for her. Fans are quite anxious to learn whether or not Carly’s pregnancy will continue, but General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed anything specific on that front yet.

It’s shaping up to be an incredibly intense week of episodes, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the March 12 show will be another great one. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they emerge to see what’s shaping up to go down next in Port Charles.

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