‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Liz And Franco Wonder What’s Next, And Carly’s Life Hangs In The Balance

Everybody is anxious to watch Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that this one will be jam-packed with action from start to finish, and this show should set the stage for a fantastic week full of emotional scenes. While viewers will see some action connected to Jason, Carly, and the rest of that group, the sneak peek for the March 11 show indicates that there are other storylines moving forward, too.

Elizabeth and Franco have had a very rough go of things lately. They are married now, although “Friz” fans may be disappointed that they tied the knot through the bars of a jail cell rather than in front of their loved ones. The sneak peek shared via Twitter for Monday’s show reveals that Liz and Franco will have an in-depth talk where he’ll prompt her to tell him that something is enough.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Elizabeth will be facing enormous issues to work through during Monday’s show. Luckily, she now knows the truth about Franco’s involvement in the investigation, and she knows that Cameron is safe with his friends. Will this family catch a break now, with a lull in the drama? It does sound as if they still have some tough things to manage in the days ahead.

Carly was last seen trying to climb to safety in the area where Ryan ditched her, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll be unsuccessful. Jason will be determined to find her, but it’s not clear yet whether he’ll save her during Monday’s show or later in the week. Obviously, he’ll try to handle the Ava and Ryan situation first, and teasers reveal that he’ll only be partially successful on this front.

Sonny and Robert’s adventure in Turkey continues, and despite some setbacks, Sonny will remain determined. Obviously, Raj is the key to finding Dante, and Sonny will voice his commitment to talking with Raj face-to-face. General Hospital spoilers hint that Dante’s whereabouts and condition will be revealed soon.

Monday’s episode will also give viewers an update on Jordan’s situation. She’s regained consciousness, but she needs a kidney transplant. Despite years of tension between them, it looks like Stella will step forward and look into whether she’s a match to donate a kidney to Jordan. While this may ultimately head in a different direction, it’ll surely be touching to both Jordan and Curtis inasmuch as Stella is willing to do this.

How wild will things get this week? General Hospital spoilers reveal that fans have a great deal to look forward to over the next few episodes, and the action kicks back into gear with the March 11 show.

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