Kendall Jenner’s Pet Snake Also Works As A Hair Scrunchie

According to a report by People, Kendall Jenner got a new pet snake, and it looks like she’s using it as a hair scrunchie.

In her Instagram Story, Jenner posted a video titled “my son.” In the video, she reveals her new pet snake, which is curled up around her hair as an impromptu scrunchie. She doesn’t reveal what the snake’s name is — other than calling it “my son” — nor when she got it. Some fans believe she may have acquired the new pet as recently as Saturday.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenner was seen with a similar looking snake, albeit a much larger one, which was wrapped around her arm on Saturday. It’s unclear if she owns this larger snake as well, but there was a picture of the snake’s terrarium that had the words “my son” captioned across it.

While Jenner has always been an animal lover, snakes have recently captured her imagination — at least if her Instagram account is any indication.

According to Teen Vogue, Kendall shocked fans when she appeared on the cover of V Magazine, a large serpent tattoo crawling from her thigh up to her hip.

As fans demanded answers, it was revealed that the tattoo was only a temporary one for the sake of the photo shoot. Later, V Magazine sold temporary tattoos of a snake wrapped around Jenner’s face for $30.

In January, Jenner’s makeup artist — Mary Phillips — posted a picture of Jenner to Instagram. Kendall was captured sporting a pair of golden serpent earrings that she would later wear to a Lakers game.

Jenner hasn’t commented much on the serpent phase, or what sparked it, but fans are getting suspicious that it might have something to do with Taylor Swift’s snake craze.

According to Time, Kim Kardashian labeled Swift as a snake following comments made by Kayne West that the two might still hook up. Said comments came in the form of lyrics in one of his songs.

Swift was bombarded with snake emojis and other assorted imagery on her social media before choosing to black out her accounts and go dark. When she finally resurfaced, she had embodied the snake imagery.

Snakes would appear in her music videos, concerts, merchandise, and fashion choices. Swift claims that instead of letting the trolling destroy her, she decided to take the snake nickname, and let it become a strength instead.

Some fans believe that Jenner embracing the snake imagery might be a sort of apology to Swift.

“I’m confused. Is this a way to [sic] saying sorry to Taylor Swift or what?” asked one user of Jenner’s temporary snake tattoo post to Instagram, alluding to this theory.

Maybe her snake fascination has something to do with Taylor Swift, maybe it’s an attempt to steal Swift’s thunder, or maybe she’s just an animal lover — and finds herself focused on snakes. Swift may, in fact, have nothing to do with it.

In the meantime, Jenner clearly has a new friend — and is enjoying the company of her pet snake.

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