Justin Bieber’s Mental Issues Hit ‘Like A Tornado,’ Alleges ‘Radar Online’

On the heels of Justin Bieber’s heartbreaking Instagram admission that he was dealing with personal issues, Radar Online claims a friend close to the singer says his new mental health struggles came to light rather quickly after months of Bieber working on his personal life in private.

A source close to the situation told Radar that Justin is allegedly “dealing with mental health issues that have come at him like a tornado.” The same source alleges that Bieber “got away from his music and went right into the marriage [to Hailey Baldwin].”

“He thought that God and the church would cure him and it didn’t. He thought Hailey would fix him and she can’t. He is under the care of a team of medical professionals.”

Bieber posted a photo of himself taken during his aborted “Purpose” tour to Instagram with a caption that explained the issues he has been dealing with recently.

In the post, the singer explained that he wanted to keep his fans updated on what he had been going through and hopefully, help a few of them as well by attempting to remove some of the stigma from mental health. Bieber revealed he was “struggling” and feeling “weird,” noting that he did not want his fans to worry because he “always bounced back.” He also asked his fans to pray for him.

Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin have worked together to try support one another as Bieber deals with his difficulties. In their first interview together for Vogue Magazine and Bieber’s first on-the-record statement in two years, the couple noted that they were in therapy.

Bieber noted during the interview that although he desperately loves his wife and she, in turn, feels the same way for him, he also has a general distrust of people and the couple is using therapy as a way to work through these problems. The Vogue interview revealed the couple was as opposite as each could be of one another, with Bieber using his heart instead of his head to make decisions, balanced by Baldwin’s calculated and careful moves in her career and personal relationships.

Bieber noted the fact that he has been in the limelight since the age of 13 as much of the reason he is still in search of his own identity. He revealed that during this two-year hiatus from music and the evolution of his relationship with Baldwin, he learned how to be the man he always wanted to be, per Vogue.

Fans have been supportive of Bieber’s frankness regarding his mental health. In just one day, his Instagram post has over 4 million likes and the number keeps growing.

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