‘One Piece’ Episode 876 Spoilers: Jinbe Sacrificing Own Life To Let Strawhat Pirates Escape

Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy has already reunited with his crew in the Thousand Sunny after defeating Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri in the Mirror World. As of now, the only thing that the Strawhat Pirates need to do is find their way out of the Whole Cake Island and head to the Wano Kingdom, where the group led by Roronoa Zoro and Heart Pirates captain Trafalgar D. Water Law are making preparations for their upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

However, escaping the territory of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea won’t be easy for Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. After Emperor Big Mom’s tantrum has finally stopped, the Big Mom Pirates became more aggressive in chasing the Strawhat Pirates. In the latest episode of One Piece, the Thousand Sunny is currently surrounded by enemies in all directions. Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Smoothie and her subordinates are scattered in the open sea, while Charlotte Snack and his fleet are on the coast of Cacao Island.

One Piece Episode 875 featured the return of the Sun Pirates to help their former captain Jinbe and the Strawhat Pirates escape. However, after dismantling some of the enemies’ ships, Charlotte Oven’s devil fruit power forced them to go deeper into the sea. Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates are in a very complicated situation as Big Mom Pirates’ main ship, Queen Mama Chanter, also arrived to destroy the Thousand Sunny.

With the Big Mom Pirates already using their full force, the Strawhat Pirates’ escape plan is like an impossible mission. The final scenes of One Piece Episode 875 showed the Strawhat Pirates drowning into the sea while their Jolly Roger is burning, making some people wonder if the Big Mom Pirates land a direct hit at the Thousand Sunny. However, the preview for One Piece Episode 876 revealed that the Thousand Sunny avoided complete destruction, thanks to Wadatsumi.

“The Sunny sinks. It seems like there is no more hope to escape. However, the Sun Pirates’ tricky move opens up a new route. Jinbe who made his earnest pledge to Luffy challenges the final battle at the risk of his life.”

Based on the preview, the Sun Pirates will execute a plan that will enable the Strawhat Pirates to escape safely from Emperor Big Mom’s territory. However, Jinbe will be needing to make a huge sacrifice in order for their plan to work. Jinbe and the Sun Pirates will unleash a wild ocean current that will prevent the Big Mom Pirates from chasing Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates.

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