‘Shameless’ Fans Displeased With How Writers Treated Liam This Season

Liam Gallagher (played by Christian Isaiah) has been a very frustrating character for the fans of Shameless. For starters, this is the only member of the Gallagher family to have ever been recast and the role has been recast on two different occasions. It was played by two different sets of twins before being picked up by Christian Isaiah when the character finally started having speaking roles.

While Liam was definitely in Season 9, he was hardly considered a regular cast member this season as fans would watch entire episodes without seeing the youngest member of the Gallagher clan (aside from Franny) a single time.

As The Inquisitr reported, it wasn’t until last week’s episode – just one episode before the Season Finale – that his family members even noticed he was missing. It turned out Liam had started staying at a friend’s house.

During last week’s episode, Liam started getting phone calls from members of his family looking for him. He told his friend he wasn’t going to answer the phone because it took them days to notice he wasn’t there anymore.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from the Season Finale.

During the Season 9 finale, Liam revealed that he had been staying at his friend’s house several nights a week and no one even noticed when Debbie made an effort to go get him and bring him back home.

Liam also told Debbie he had asked them the night before if he could just live with his friend instead and – because no one was really paying attention to him – they told him it was fine.

The youngest member of the Gallagher clan did reassure his sister Debbie he was happy to return home. However, it would not happen unless his list of demands – which was just shy of 50 demands long – was met.

Liam explained to Debbie part of the reason why he left was that the Gallagher family made no effort to surround him by his African American heritage. So, he went to live with a family of color to learn more about his culture.

As those who have been watching all of Season 9 know, Emmy Rossum’s character, Fiona, hadn’t seen much of Liam since she punched the woman for calling the cops on him because he was selling lemonade outside of her house.

Fiona didn’t see Liam during the Season 9 finale and never got a chance to say goodbye to him before she left.

Since the Season 9 finale just recently aired, many fans have taken to social media to express how displeased they are about Liam not getting to say goodbye to his sister. Moreover, some just really don’t like the way Liam’s story played out this season.

Some believed it felt like the writers were just pushing him out of the family and writing him off as not a very important part of the show.

While Season 9 is over, fans can rest easy as the series has been renewed for a Season 10.

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