Spice Girl Mel B Could Lose $8 Million In Legal Battle With Former Nanny

Mel B reportedly wants to settle her legal dispute with her former nanny, Lorraine Gilles. She could lose up to $8 million due to legal costs in fighting Gilles, reports Radar Online.

Mel B filed for a divorce from Stephen Belafonte in March of 2017, claiming he had relations with Gilles without her permission and got her pregnant with his child.

Belafonte refuted this on the All Rise podcast.

“I did not get her pregnant. She got pregnant off a one night stand,” Belafonte said.

He said that Gilles had gone to Mel B in confidence as a woman, and Mel B assured her everything would be fine because she herself had had “numerous abortions” and said “I’m going to help you.” Belafonte claimed Mel B paid for Gilles to have an abortion.

Belafonte went on to say that there’s no mention of Lorraine Giles in Mel B’s book, Brutally Honest, because,”Melanie had to pay Lorraine off because Lorraine knew about her drug use.”

“Lorraine knew about how bad she was at parenting. Lorraine knew about all of the things that you couldn’t imagine, so Melanie paid her off to keep her quiet,” he said.

The Spice Girl has been seen working with women’s advocacy groups recently.

Last week, she turned up at Downing Street in London to deliver an alarming report about domestic abuse survivors. The report revealed that two-thirds of survivors were economically exploited and often left destitute by their abusers.

“The court fight with Lorraine Gilles is just not a priority for Mel anymore, she has other – more important – things to focus on,” according to a source.

“Mel’s legal team are now keen to get to the table and work on an agreement and walk away.”

In her divorce declaration against Belafonte, she called Gilles a “prostitute” and “homewrecker,” alleging the pregnancy happened without her knowledge. The nanny has denied the claims and sued the pop star for libel.

Last year, Los Angeles Supreme Court judges turned down Mel B’s final appeal against the libel case moving forward.

If a trial were to occur, Gilles’ lawyers could have the opportunity to call famous celebrities like Heidi Klum, Simon Cowell, and the other Spice Girls to give testimony about Mel B’s character. Belafonte could also take the stand to give evidence against his ex-wife.

Mel B is set to embark upon a sold-out world tour this year as a member of the Spice Girls.

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