’90 Day Fiance’ Star Ricky Reyes Checked Into A Mental Health Facility

Ricky Reyes, a star of 90 Day Fiance, recently checked himself into a mental health facility, reports Soap Dirt.

After voluntarily checking himself into a facility with limited phone access, Reyes gave an update on his status on his Instagram story.

“Sorry for those that are trying to DM me, I cannot at the moment please understand. However, thanks for the love and support, I am really listening to you guys and it feels great!” Ricky wrote.

The facility is only allowing Reyes use of his cell phone three times a day, which clarifies the reason for limited communication. John Yates, a prominent 90 Day Fiance blogger, left a detailed post on Instagram concerning the situation, along with a picture of Reyes in a hospital gown.

“[Ricky] wasn’t feeling great mentally on Wednesday and decided to be proactive thank God and seek mental help voluntarily. He’s in good hands at a hospital where he has access to his phone three times a day so that’s how he’s been on IG. I’m posting this cause Ricky is a little brother to me at this point and this subject hits a little too close to home with me…but Ricky wanted to bring awareness to it and also let everyone know that he is overwhelmed by the support he’s been getting and to keep it coming…Everything I said was at his request including the picture.”

Upon making his announcement, Reyes has received messages of support from fellow cast members and fans on the show. Ashley Martson posted that she’s “beyond proud” of Ricky, and that he made “such a brave and responsible decision.” Larissa Christina also wished him a “quick recovery.”

Reyes was a controversial figure on 90 Day Fiance, receiving criticism for lying to prospective fiancee Ximena Parra about being married.

According to Soap Dirt, an inside source told them that from the beginning, Reyes and his wife, Natalia, had a plot for fame and money that was to be at Ximena’s expense. Reyes also apparently worked with the 90 Day Fiance producers to gain more screen time, and used the show as a vehicle to promote his production/film business.

Unfortunately, once this was all brought to light, Ximena was the one left feeling hurt and swindled, placing fan sympathy firmly on her side.

Since filming ended, Reyes has actively worked to change his image and public perception. He issued a public apology to his wife, Natalia, and to Ximena Parra.

He has also been shown spending more quality time with his daughter. He posted on Instagram that he would be showing footage, teasing a very special date. Viewers were expecting something very different, as there were rumors that Reyes was in a relationship with fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member Cortney Reardanz. He then posted a video that was actually of him and his daughter at the movies.

Additionally, Ricky has documented his road to living a healthier lifestyle. He regularly posts updates on Instagram that feature him working out at the gym and eating better. His before-and-after pictures show that he has lost a significant amount of weight since filming the TLC show.

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