‘Breaking Bad’ Monopoly Board Game Created

A fan has created their own Breaking Bad version of the Monopoly board game, which they have entitled, Methopoly.

The game is inspired by the television show, which has been lauded as one of the greatest programs of all time. The game’s locations are all taken from Breaking Bad’s first five-and-a-half seasons, which revolves about Bryan Cranston’s Walter White, a school teacher that starts to produce and sell crystal meth after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

The most expensive place on the board is The Meth Lab, followed by Los Pollos Hermanos, Madrigal Electromotive, Car Wash, Storage Unit, Vamanos Pest Control, White Residence, and Gray Matter Technologies.

Monopoly’s Chance cards have been replaced by Bell Cards, whilst the Community Chest cards are now been changed to be called Heisenberg Cards. Fans have been encouraged to download and print the board from www.methopoly.com so that they can play the game using regular Monopoly money, houses, and hotels.

The game was created by Breaking Bad’s Joanne Silverman after she was inspired by Lostopoly, a Monopoly game which is based on ABC’s Lost. It appeared online in 2008.

Silverman explained, “When season five of Breaking Bad began, I knew I would design my own board and call it Methopoly. I wanted to learn Photoshop and knew this would be the perfect project.”

Breaking Bad’s final episodes will air in the summer on AMC. It follows on from the first half of season five of the show, which contained eight episodes, and wowed audiences and critics alike.

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