New Videos From Apple Help You Get More From Your iPhone

Apple continued its ongoing series of iPhone “how-to” videos on Saturday, with a handful of new uploads covering topics including camera features and Face ID, 9to5 Mac reports. The videos each come in at just 15 seconds, with each quickly covering a single feature of the iPhone.

Even as the iPhone remains largely familiar in its functionality with the same general interface that has been in place since it’s inception, there continues to be new features and small capabilities that may go unnoticed by the casual user.

The video series is good for a quick refresher of existing features or to clue users in to new ones as they roll out. Read on for the latest five.

Use Your Face As Your Password On iPhone

The video demonstrates how you can use Apple’s Face ID technology so that your face not only unlocks the phone itself, but can also act as your password for accessing otherwise secure apps, like an online banking login.

Don’t Worry About Water On iPhone

The video demonstrates the iPhone’s water resistance by casually operating the phone while subjecting it to a hearty splash of water.

Find The Perfect Shot On iPhone

The video shows how to easily select a “key photo” for a live photo to act as a thumbnail when the image is motionless.

Chat With An Expert On iPhone

The video provides an example of using the Apple Support app to quickly chat with customer support right from the phone.

Easily Access Your Boarding Pass On iPhone

The video showcases how quickly you can pull up a boarding pass right from the home screen.

Each of the videos above are accessible below or through Apple’s YouTube channel, where you can also find some other goodies and insights about Apple products.

In addition to the quick-hit video series, which can be accessed in a handy playlist from the channel, there are a number of other resources available in video form, ranging from more in-depth tutorials for more complex topics like controlling photo depth when taking pictures to guidance on staging shots with proper lighting. Stories featuring real-life use instances for Apple products are also available.

Additionally, a substantial amount of content is organized by product, meaning if you’re trying to get the hang of a new iPad or the latest Apple Watch, you have access to a casually helpful jumping off point through instructional videos on the product of your choice.

You can also watch commercials, if you’re into that sort of thing.