Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Manziel Only Takes Online Classes

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is still in college, but he’s already working from home. The Texas A&M football star has enrolled exclusively in online courses for the new semester. Under his new education program, Manziel will only need to step foot on campus once a month.

Manziel tells the San Antonio Express-News that he attempted to attend an on-campus English class but was bothered by constant classmate attention. According to Johnny:

“I went one day — it was a small class of 20 or 25 — and it kind of turned into more of a big deal than I thought.”

Following his admission that he was taking a course load full of online cources, some media sources criticized his enrollment. As expected, the criticism’s poked and prodded at the traditional view of the student-athlete who is handed good grades so they can play in their school’s sports program.

Yet millions of students are now taking to online course work, which is taught by accredited teachers. In fact, the classes taken by Johnny Manziel online are taught by the very same teachers who work on-campus at Texas A&M.

Last season, Johnny Manziel led Texas A&M to an 11-2 record while becoming the first freshmen in college football to win the Heisman trophy.

Manziel threw for 26 touchdowns and ran for 21 more in his first college season. Those totals, however, do not mean everyone is going to throw the kid some slack and let him slide by when it comes to his education.

If nothing else, Johnny Manziel may soon find himself working harder than ever to prove his course load is not some attempt at a student-athlete scheme towards laziness.

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