Jacqueline Laurita Suggests Teresa Giudice Is Using Her Kids As An Excuse Not To Move To Italy

A former OG of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is weighing in on the Season 9 reunion. Jacqueline Laurita starred on RHONJ from Season 1-5, was a friend of the Housewives for Season 6, and returned for Season 7 before officially retiring from the show. Jacqueline had a recurring storyline with Teresa Giudice over their rollercoaster friendship. Today, the women have no interaction with one another and don’t appear to want to mend fences.

Speaking with The Hollywood Life, Jacqueline recently commented on things Teresa said during Part 3 of the reunion which aired last Wednesday. Everyone was shocked when the cookbook author admitted that she would not stay with husband Joe Giudice if he was inevitably deported to Italy after he served out his prison sentence for fraud. Teresa said her four children would keep her from moving overseas because she didn’t want to disrupt her daughter’s lives.

Jacqueline isn’t buying that as the reason for Teresa’s refusal to move overseas.

“On the other hand, If the REAL truth is that Teresa doesn’t really want to be married because she resents him, wants to keep her job/paycheck, and/or has a new boyfriend, then that is a very different story, I get it…but I don’t think she should use the kids as an excuse to stay behind. She should just call it for what it is,” Jacqueline said.

It seems Jacqueline believes Teresa has other motives for not wanting to relocate her family overseas but is using her four daughters as a scapegoat. On the other hand, the former RHONJ star does not fault Teresa for not wanting to join her husband in Italy, she just wished she would be truthful about why she didn’t want to go.

Jacqueline also spoke with Us Weekly and called the whole situation “selfish,” saying that Teresa should want to keep her family intact. The Get It! author then referenced her own past of moving around from city to city since her father was in the military and said it was just something you did and adjusted to as a family. Jacqueline referred to herself as a “ride or die” wife who would go anywhere with her family now and noted they were considering leaving New Jersey.

After Jacqueline shared her two interviews on Twitter, many users began commented that she was still “obsessed” with Teresa, while others disagreed with her views. Jacqueline engaged with several commenters where she continued to push her viewpoint that the children would just have to adjust to life in another country and it was not their decision, but their parents.

At the time of this publication, Teresa has not commented on either of Jacqueline’s interviews.

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