WWE Rumors: Is Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch Feud Real? MMA Star Miesha Tate Says ‘Ronda’s P*ssed,’ ‘Not Joking’

Things are heating up in the world of professional wrestling, particularly where the ongoing feud between “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and “The Irish Lass Kicker” Becky Lynch is concerned. With a war of words taking place between the two both in-ring and on social media — the latter of which has become the fulcrum for much speculation surrounding whether the two women legitimately hate each other — it appears that the former MMA champion and the rising wrestling star are headed for a clash of epic proportions at this year’s WrestleMania.

But is the heat real? Ronda Rousey’s former rival in the sport of mixed martial arts seems to think so, per MMA Junkie.

The scene began to be set in late February as Becky and Ronda began verbally sparring with one another via Twitter. After Becky delivered some boilerplate threats to Ronda about coming for her Raw Women’s Championship belt, Ronda shot back at Becky that she should focus on the task at hand.

“That’s what I’m trying to do dumbass. You hobbling around trying to be a ginger crutch ninja and taking fake prison photos in the hallway isn’t helping.”

It seems that the introduction of the offensive F-word — fake, a slur in the pro wrestling industry — into the discourse between the two top WWE talents was enough to kick things off into high gear. Then things got personal, with Becky Lynch mocking Ronda’s mic skills while paying homage to Tommy Wiseau’s classic film, The Room.

This was enough to get the ball rolling between the two, and Ronda was quick to lash out, mocking Becky Lynch’s signature move as “fake” — and comparing it to male genitalia. Becky rebutted with a digital alteration that made Ronda Rousey’s real-life husband, Travis Brown, appear as the “head” of said phallic symbol. From there, Ronda dropped character names and called Becky Lynch out by her real name — Rebecca Quinn — and said that she didn’t care what “the script says,” and that she was “beating the living sh*t” out of her the next time they met.

Many fans are struggling to discern whether or not this entire exchange is creatively concocted or the source of some legitimately violent friction between the two performers. Is Ronda Rousey actually off-the-rails angry?

Miesha Tate — a former UFC bantamweight champion who has faced off against Rousey before — seems to think so, per MMA Junkie.

“It got under her skin. I know about this… You don’t talk about her family, you don’t talk about this, even if it’s just a joke. She does not have a sense of humor, and therefore [expletive] got real… No, Ronda’s p*ssed. Ronda’s not joking. She’s not playing games. She’s not used to having to play by rules. She never had to before. Why is she going to now? She’s already broken the rule with the F-word, saying some things are ‘fake.’ She’s not a company woman. She never has been.”

On the other hand, recent reporting from Wrestling Inc. suggests that the feud most certainly is fabricated and that despite the brutality of the attacks thrown out by “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, there is no serious personal heat behind the scenes. With Becky Lynch set to square off against Charlotte Flair at the Fastlane pay-per-view this coming Sunday — a match that will almost certainly place her in a Triple Threat scenario against Ronda and Charlotte if she wins — there can be little doubt that Becky Lynch is hungry to go over.

Whether or not she will be met with truly stiff shots from Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania remains shrouded in mystery, however. It’s not quite clear as yet whether this feud is truly personal, beyond the confines of kayfabe, or is simply some storytelling by the fine folks at WWE creative. Fans eager to find out will have to watch live as the situation unfolds at Fastlane, and later, WrestleMania.

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