‘Survivor’ Castaway David Wright Disgusted As Tribe Members Poke Fun At Wendy’s Injury

As those who have kept up with Survivor 38 know, Wendy Diaz was injured during a challenge recently. The Manu tribe member, however, managed to ignore her injury and push through the pain. In fact, it wasn’t until they returned to camp from the challenge that she realized how badly she was hurt.

Despite having a bruised ankle and needing assistance in walking, Diaz continued to push forward and rocked the next challenge. Even Jeff Probst acknowledged how impressively Wendy was doing as she pulled the boat containing three of her tribe members across the water despite being injured.

Die-hard fans of Survivor know that so much happens during each week that the producers – while they do their best – are never able to get everything that happens at camp and during the competition into the episodes. So, it is not uncommon for the network to release behind-the-scene clips via social media and platforms such as YouTube to give viewers additional details about the show.

CBS’s official YouTube channel for Survivor released a video a few days ago of a scene that didn’t make it into the episode featuring a small encounter at the Manu camp.

The video showed Wendy struggling as she hobbled away from the fire before Wardog grabbed a nearby stick and mimicked her as Wentworth chimed in on poking fun at the young injured tribe mate.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have made a walking stick. Maybe we should have made her a top hat,” Wardog jested while mimicking Diaz hobbling around with a stick.

Kelley busted out laughing before leaning over and whispering to Lauren O’Connell, “It’s like I can’t even try with her anymore.”

David Wright and his ride-or-die, Rick Devens, were also in the scene. While they didn’t say anything about the taunting and teasing, they did nothing to stop it either.

Later, when David was speaking to the cameras during a diary session by himself, he opened up about how disgusted he was by the way his tribe mates were acting toward an injured member of their team.

“We’re people. We’re human beings. We’re supposed to be in this together. Suddenly Wendy injures her foot and it’s like a tiger that sees an injured gazelle and just pounces on it. It’s like, calm down everybody,” he exploded during his confessional.

He added as he reminded the viewers at home he wanted Wentworth out: “People are pointing out Wendy’s injury rather than helping her because she could be an easy vote. But that’s not my intention. I am going to sink the S.S. Wentworth.”

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every Wednesday night only on CBS.

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