Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows Off Lookalike Daughter Carys’ Singing Skills On Instagram

Catherine Zeta-Jones gave fans a special treat on International Women’s Day when she shared a touching throwback video of her daughter, Carys Zeta-Douglas, singing as she plays the piano. The video shows that Carys has exceptional talent as she belts out the words to Sara Bareilles’ “Little Black Dress,” leaving many of the actress’ fans in awe. The video currently has over 180,000 likes on Instagram.

“Wow! So talented you must be very proud!” wrote one fan, while another commented, “She has a wonderful & strong voice like her lovely & talented mommy.”

Carys is Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’ youngest child. The two also have an older son named Dylan. The actress has shared photos of her children before, and it’s easy to see see the striking similarities between them and their mom.

As The List reports, Carys’ name is an ode to the actress’ Welsh heritage — the name means “love” in their native tongue. The teen’s talent for singing is less surprising when you remember that her mother was eight months pregnant with Carys when she performed at The Academy Awards in 2003. That night she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Chicago.

It seems it took Carys a while to realize how famous her parents were. She told Town and Country Magazine that she used to think that her father was a pancake maker when she was a child. During her early childhood years, they lived in Bermuda, and she said it was quite a shock to experience the drawbacks of fame when the family eventually moved to Manhattan.

As People Magazine notes, Catherine Zeta-Jones posted the video of Carys just days after the family attended the Wales National Gala in New York. At the event, the mother and daughter duo showed off their physical likeness as they both donned dark red dresses. The actress’ gown looks like it was made from a heavy velvet fabric, while her daughter’s dress was made of sheer, and covered in red lace and floral embellishments.

It seems pretty clear that Carys has learned some fashion tips from her glamorous mom. During a chat with Town And Country, Catherine Zeta-Jones complimented her daughter’s sense of style and hinted that she may even a little bit more tasteful than her mom.

“I’ve never had to turn to Carys and say, ‘I think that’s a little inappropriate.'” she said. “Once she said, ‘Mom, I really like this romper.’ I went, ‘Mmm, but don’t you think it’s cut a little too long?… She went, ‘Mom, you’re the only mother in the world that would tell a 15-year-old girl that the romper should be shorter.'”

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