Dallas Cowboys News: Dak Prescott Could Face Charges After His Dogs Attack A Neighbor

The Dallas Cowboys are dealing with a bit of trouble this offseason as players have been suspended, and they are trying to figure out how to keep DeMarcus Lawrence. Now, they’re running into troubles off the field, as quarterback Dak Prescott and his dogs are in rather deep water. Charges may end up being brought against him after his pit bulls broke free and actually bit off part of a neighbor’s finger.

According to NBC Sports, a woman claims to have been bitten by one of Prescott’s dogs after they got loose last month. The 25-year-old NFL star could end up having charges brought against him after the dogs got out through an unsecured door, and reportedly broke down the fence of the unnamed neighbor.

911 audio recordings of the woman calling police have been released, which indicate that the dogs attacked her.

“They bit off my finger!” the unnamed woman said.

“They bit off your finger?” the dispatcher replied.

“Yeah, the tip of my finger,” the woman responded back.

The incident happened in Frisco, Texas, and when police arrived at the woman’s home, paramedics had already been on the scene. Medical personnel bandaged up her right hand, where they assessed that the finger “was still attached, but split open.”

During the 911 call, the 50-year-old woman said that she was “standing outside with a stick” and attempting to beat the dogs to keep them off of her. She said that she had to continue to fight them until help arrived, as they wouldn’t stop coming at her.

When police arrived, they found Dak Prescott’s two dogs running loose in his neighbor’s front yard. A Frisco Animal Services supervisor stated that they bit and tore through her wooden fence before attacking one of her dogs. The woman tried to get the dogs away from her own, and that is when one of the pit bulls bit off part of her right ring finger.

Due to her injuries, the woman was hospitalized for a period of four days.

The report also stated that the dogs had originally gotten loose because of a door that had not been closed or secured. It is unclear if the door was actually at Prescott’s home.

For the time being, the Dak Prescott’s pit bull is being quarantined at a local animal shelter. A court hearing is scheduled for March 20, 2019, to determine if the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback’s dog is “dangerous,” and whether or not charges will be filed.

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