New ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Theory Believes The Survivors Will Destroy The Infinity Stones

Avengers: Endgame is less than two months away, and theories surrounding the film’s plot are about as prevalent on the internet as ads for monthly subscription boxes. Most theories revolve around what the surviving heroes are going to do given the rumors of time travel. Some have suggested they will make their own versions of the stones, while others believe they will acquire the stones before Thanos does.

A new theory from a Redditor says that the surviving heroes will travel back in time through the Quantum Realm to destroy the stones. The user believes the heroes will travel back to the Battle of New York specifically because two stones (Space and Mind) are in the same location at the same time. According to the theory, Captain Marvel will be the one to destroy the stones since she has the power and ability to do so. Scarlet Witch is also capable of destroying Infinity Stones, but alas, she was snapped away at the end of Infinity War.

A twist in this theory reveals that after the Avengers destroy the Space and Mind stone, they travel back to the present day and find that nothing has changed.

“Scott [Lang] theorizes that changing the past via the quantum realm does not affect the future, but rather creates alternate time lines/universes in the quantum realm/multiverse. This means that once the time stone is destroyed later in the movie, ‘changing the past’ will be effectively wiped from the MCU,” part of the theory reads.

The time travel storyline has Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans worried about the way it will affect the MCU timeline. Changing one minor detail in the past could dramatically affect the way things turn out in the future, which would put all of the MCU films storylines in jeopardy. The Redditor’s theory helps soothe this worry somewhat.

Thanos allegedly will watch the two stones disappear from his damaged gauntlet and will immediately suspect the remaining superheroes to be the culprit. The theory believes he will then travel to the Avengers headquarters on Earth with his army of Outriders.

When the heroes see Thanos for the first time again in the present day, Tony Stark notices that he is missing two Infinity Stones, which confuses the gang at first since nothing changed after they destroyed the stones in the past.

“Tony theorizes that the stones exist concurrently throughout all of time and space, and destroying one in the past destroys it in the present,” the theory continues.

Shortly after, the Avengers realize they need to destroy all of the remaining stones. In the theory, the last stone to be destroyed is the Soul Stone when Captain Marvel demolishes it while it’s still on Thanos’ gauntlet. After she destroys the stone, all of those dusted in the snap return, and aid in the final takedown of Thanos.

To see if this theory holds water, check out Avengers: Endgame on April 26.

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