Beth Chapman Shares Powerful, Spiritual Post As ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Star’s Cancer Battle Continues

Beth Chapman contninues to do everything she can to keep her spirits up as she fights the recent return of her cancer. The star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and the upcoming show titled Dog’s Most Wanted recently shared a post on Facebook that showed a little bit of her spiritual side and her fans stepped up to add their own support.

Ever since the news emerged that Chapman’s cancer had returned, Beth has kept fans looped in on what’s going on in her life. While the prognosis is said to be quite poor for the reality television star, she has made it clear she isn’t giving up and is fighting for her life.

In recent weeks, Beth and her husband Duane have navigated some major ups and downs in their personal lives. They’ve been filming, she’s been doing medical treatments, and she’s welcomed her first great-grandbaby. At the same time, they’ve also had some difficult goodbyes to work through.

A recent Facebook post on Chapman’s page was a simple one that she shared without any additional notes. It referenced God and said she was simply putting her family in His hands. This isn’t the first time that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star has shared something with a religious tone to it, and her fans always add their own positive thoughts in an effort to lend their support.[0]=68.ARAHEDlvfmkXfp2_lcqUkIua-tONrtzlTGdEaPj1qKrDfCfEZatR0NOBeezGD0aMFLeKVxlZ3ipodTyV-rtAqH7N-8M8oEWOzLd2DKDPOSE0iXY5y9JtABqMODQwnIKrZQW3U8xUAzkpyny8-eW4LowI9qwYQ02ALiQQGSeqNqLpTqQchRzOW–XeY0hpxcczGOFBAT_07tOPIVPFuJPduYm2LWY3sq4zWFAcjzv5yXxPUgDnFYZg6_oZIm-uNjOCG17lao4sLk7lMqM7JyJasjPm1miqxItq9tOWlX-nFw0VqdNHNm8T343xKVoMk0FOdwC19QypI3esPaNcvdwMnUIoHWi58hXJ8SgsgXGEINQ1gOGXFxK7T7Jq3TDi8bn89AO0zRqEpwVGWPZX6dbtxR3snt8LPXd2f6lkVC-RGQ9PQRjisbTWS1QT25ZnOZH0NcMbbkZIa2gdHUe51Q5VQNW7LNfYSgCuXKTBd1mlfgit8_IRDXbUyyumKbs_Q&__tn__=-R

Chapman’s post on Facebook brought in nearly 300 comments, with many sending their prayers and best wishes. The post also garnered more than 2,200 reactions with a combination of love, sadness, and simple likes accumulating on it. Nearly 500 of Beth’s followers chose to share the post she’s put up on her page too.

The reality television star has more than 570,000 fans who have liked her Facebook page and she stays quite engaged with people on the social media site. In addition to the post on Facebook, Beth posted a link connecting fans to it via her Twitter page. While Chapman has more than 470,000 followers on Twitter, she doesn’t tend to see nearly the same level of engagement there from her followers.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter star also has a sizable following on Instagram, but she didn’t share this latest post there. In fact, she hasn’t shared anything on Instagram in almost two weeks. That is a bit uncommon for Chapman, but there’s no sign via her husband Duane or anywhere else on her own social media pages indicating that anything is wrong. Fans will keep an eye on her Instagram page in hopes she’s back to posting there again regularly soon.

The past few months have understandably been very difficult for Beth Chapman and her whole family. She has a very difficult road ahead of her, but all of her Dog the Bounty Hunter fans have made it clear that they’re prepared to step up whenever she needs, as often as she needs the support.

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