‘RHOBH’ Star Teddi Mellencamp Altered Her Diet To Counteract All The Drinking On The Show

According to a report by Us Weekly, Teddi Mellencamp drinks so much wine on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she’s had to change her diet to avoid gaining weight from all the alcohol.

As an accountability coach and fitness expert, Mellencamp knows from years of experience that losing weight and staying fit is all down to our choices and how they affect our lifestyle. So when she arrived on the set of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and saw how much wine got passed around during filming, she realized quickly she’d have to quickly make some adjustments.

Some might think the obvious solution is to forgo the alcohol, but Mellencamp states that being among the other housewives, drinking “[is] needed.”

So to keep things in check and stay healthy, she’s tried to find a balance that permits her to keep drinking without any unhealthy weight gain.

“For me it’s about balance. So like if I’m gonna go out to dinner, let’s say I have steak and asparagus or whatever. I then would choose ‘Am I going to have dessert or am I going to drink?'”

Given that she feels the drinking is necessary on set, she’s likely choosing to give up desserts for a while.

She also reveals that part of her strategy is shifting her mindset about dieting, as she previously felt that diets were limiting due to how they would show her what she could and couldn’t eat or drink. But now that she sees it as a balance, it goes from being a limitation to her choice of what she wants most at that moment.

Mellencamp reveals that as an accountability coach, she holds others to their diet and fitness goals, which has had the effect of holding her accountable to her own.

That network of clients she’s had, many of whom have gone on to become accountability coaches and fitness experts in their own right, have kept her to her goals more than anything else.

In addition to having a balanced diet and holding herself accountable, she also advocates consistency. She believes that being active on a daily basis is important to long-term health and wellness.

“Some days I go on a walk. Or some days I do a yoga class. But I take an hour a day. I call it, it’s like my therapy,” she explains.

It’s understandable that staying healthy and fit on a show like Real Housewives can be a tough challenge. But with her emphasis on balance, accountability, and consistency, it sounds like Mellencamp might have a winning strategy to stay fit while she guzzles all that wine to cope with the drama of the other housewives.

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