Rebel Wilson Invents New Form Of Dance Called ‘Catzercise’

In a protected video released on her Twitter account, Rebel Wilson claims to have invented a new dance called “Catzercise,” and fans think it’s hilarious.

Dressed in a black shirt and leggings with pink fur sprouting from her hands and a fierce pink mane with cat ears, Wilson introduces the video as a rehearsal of one of the “Jellicle songs” for the upcoming movie musical Cats.

She emphasizes multiple times that the sneak peek is “top secret” and hopes the footage never gets out. As she takes her place on the dancefloor, her fellow dancers paw at each other, meowing and hissing as they get into their feline characters.

The four dancers and Wilson then launch into a performance of the song, with Wilson as the center of the attention throughout. As the final notes die away, the performers and the cameraman descend into fits of giggling, with Wilson barely able to control herself.

“That was amazing,” says the cameraman between chuckles.

Fans were cracking up in the comments and spewing out a flurry of cat GIFs.

“Your good mood is contagious. Love your personality,” said one Twitter user.

“if you ever need cuddles or a shoulder to cry on, ill make you macaroni from scratch, and rub your head,” said another.

One fan questioned whether Wilson would get in trouble for revealing the footage.

In any case, the general consensus is that fans are genuinely excited to see Wilson’s upcoming role as Jennyanydots in the film Cats, which is set for release this year.

It’s unclear whether she and her fellow performers had choreographed the dance themselves for the sake of goofing around or to exercise, or if it was a legitimate rehearsal for the film.

Considering she thanks the Twitter user @JRCorella, who happens to be 567 Sweat founder Joseph Corella, it’s likely the video was for fun and not an actual rehearsal.

According to the website for 567 Sweat, it’s a workout studio that utilizes song and dance to exercise and get fit. The website is also advertising a new workout video called 567 Broadway!, which utilizes Broadway musicals as part of the workout program.

So while the video on Twitter is likely not a real rehearsal for the film, it does raise the question of whether it’s part of the upcoming workout program to be released by 567 Sweat.

In any case, Wilson’s “Catzercise” video is fun and entertaining and looks like a great way to get in a workout while having a few laughs.

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