Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Ryan Creeps Ava Out, Cam Comforts Joss

General Hospital fans are ready for the Ryan Chamberlain storyline to be over, and it looks like they are finally getting their wish. The serial killer has finally been outed after months of impersonating his twin brother, Kevin Collins. He has wreaked havoc in Port Charles, but now half of PC has come to Niagara Falls. The race is on to find Ryan to end his reign of terror.

Unfortunately, Ava Jerome is the last to know what is going on, but she is getting mighty suspicious after finding Carly in “Kevin’s” car. She is getting nervous. Ava assumes that her fiance is having another breakdown and is worried about what happened to Carly. General Hospital spoilers for next week coming from Soap Central suggest that Ava will lash out. There is no indication on whether this is before or after she realizes that Ryan killed Kiki, but this is not going to be easy for Ava to take.

Thursday’s General Hospital had Jason and Laura racing to Niagara Falls. Laura hinted to Jason on the way there that he needed to brace himself as Ryan may have already killed Carly. The duo will eventually find out that Ryan dumped a pregnant Carly off a cliff or something like that. She was seen at the end of the show lying lifeless on the ground below. Could her baby have survived such a fall?

Ava is officially creeped out now by the man she is about to marry. Ryan told her that he has been waiting his whole life for her. She will soon learn that he killed her daughter to please her and that is expected to be a heartbreaking time for Ava. But for now, she realizes that something very weird is going on.

Cameron found out from Liz that Franco is innocent. He had a brush with a killer, and he is lucky to not have been one of Ryan’s victim. He told his mom where to find Ryan, and she relayed the message to Laura and Jason. Unfortunately, the teen’s time in Niagara Falls didn’t go as planned. Oscar had another seizure and Drew and Kim rushed off to be with him. It seems like Oscar is indeed dying, unless a miracle happens. Cameron is on hand to comfort Josslyn.

Lulu also remembered that it was Ryan’s face she saw attack her, not Franco’s. Of course, that was after Chase told her about Ryan. She felt duped like everyone else and quickly apologized to Liz. Also, Sonny had an encounter with a palm reader in Turkey who gave him an address to check out to find Dante. Friday has him asking if his son is dead.

Also on Friday’s episode, Ava will plead with “Kevin” to call the police, Sam has a chat with Kristina, and someone, possibly Julian, comes knocking on Alexis’ door. Keep watching General Hospital to see all of the drama taking place in Port Charles, and now in Niagara Falls.

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