Luke Perry’s Death Will Take Time For ‘Riverdale’ Cast To Grasp

Since Luke Perry’s passing on March 4, many people that were close to him have already noticed a huge gap in their lives that will be difficult to alleviate. When Perry died, he was busy reinvigorating his career and had climbed back up into popularity through his role on Riverdale, a television adaptation of the Archie Comics story. Perry became a staple on Riverdale in 2017.

When he first dove into Riverdale, Perry’s old Beverly Hills, 90210 Generation X fans remembered him fondly and became reacquainted with him. However, the show let him reach out to other generations as well for the first time in many years. After the show that made Perry famous, Beverly Hills, 90210, ended in 2000 and up until Perry took his role on Riverdale in 2017, Perry had mostly appeared in small acting roles. In fact, to many, it felt as if Perry disappeared for two decades, which wasn’t entirely the case.

One of Perry’s co-stars on Riverdale, Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones on the show, discussed how recovering from Perry’s death will take time for the Riverdale cast.

“We’re recovering, yeah. It’s obviously not the easiest thing to talk about, but he was well-loved and there’s been an outpouring of emotional support from people around the world, which just goes to show what a wonderful person he was and how much he impacted people’s lives and impacted our lives,” Sprouse said, according to Us Weekly.

Since Perry’s death, fans have been active on social media, mourning the celebrity’s death together. Fans as well as co-stars and friends of Perry’s have shared many experiences and expressed plenty of sympathy. The CW, the network that airs Riverdale, used their episode credits on March 6 to honor Perry’s memory. Also, The CW plans to dedicate all new Riverdale episodes to Perry.

After Perry joined the cast of Riverdale, he never hesitated to share with the public how much fun and enjoyment he got out of working with his younger co-stars. Perry felt he had plenty of words of wisdom to offer the youngsters, and he clearly took delight in both teaching and occasionally learning from them. Perry once spoke about how much delight he experienced when engaging with his fellow cast members.

“The thing I tell them, and I know this from my experience from 90210, this show will come and go, but you have these people for the rest of your life,” Perry said in October. 2018, according to Us Weekly. “That’s one of the greatest takeaways from this situation. You can have these friends for the rest of your life.”

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