A New Witness Against R. Kelly Corroborates His Accusers’ Claims

On March 7, a new witness came forward to support the stories of alleged abuse made by two of R. Kelly’s female victims. The witness saw some of the interactions Kelly made with two of his female accusers, and although the incident took place decades ago, the witness has a clear memory of what she saw.

The two alleged female victims of Kelly, Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington, are being represented in court by their well-known attorney, Gloria Allred. Allred confirmed, according to TMZ, that a female witness has come forward with her own story about what she saw that night, and the witnesses’ recollections support Scaff and Washington’s claims.

The incident that involved Scaff and Washington happened back in 1995, occurring after Kelly finished a live concert in Baltimore. As Scaff and Washington tell the story, they were enjoying their time in the crowd when the concert ended. At some point, Kelly hand selected the girls from the large set of fans that were still present. Then, Kelly supplied them with alcohol and medication, even though both girls were underage at the time. He asked them to come back to his room. Apparently, Scaff never gave her consent and Kelly assaulted her.

The new witness to Scaff and Washington’s terrible night hasn’t released her real name and is currently being called “Sabrina” by the media. Sabrina noticed both Scaff and Washington in the foyer of the resort where Kelly was staying on the night of the alleged assault. Sabrina claims that Scaff was bent over in pain and exiting the elevator, according to Celebrity FYI.

Of course, accusations like this are nothing new to the disgraced singer. Back on January 3, a documentary about his long history of abuse premiered, called Surviving R. Kelly. Aired by Lifetime, the documentary was broken down into many parts and spanned six hours total. At the time, Kelly claimed that people were making false accusations about him so they could become famous. However, considering the suffering many of the young women allegedly experienced, there seems to be something deeper behind their stories.

For years now, claims of abuse have followed Kelly everywhere. Considering many of the stories shared about Kelly by other alleged victims that appeared on Surviving R. Kelly sound similar to Scaff and Washington’s stories, Kelly’s actions continue to shock people.

One other witness to an underage assault Kelly performed on another woman is Jovante Cunningham, who appeared in the documentary. She met Kelly in 1991 when she was 14-years-old and performed back-up vocals for the singer. While in the studio one day with several other people, she saw Kelly crossing the line with one of her underage friends while the pair was visible to everybody present, according to The Daily Beast.

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