Prince Harry Married An Actress, But Isn’t Interested In Being A Celebrity

While it sounds strange to hear that a person who has experienced plenty of glaring publicity since birth might want to avoid being a celebrity, there is at least one famous person out there expressing this desire. Prince Harry, whose birthright shot him into the media well before he could speak a word, wants some sanctuary from his very public life. The prince is accepting of his royal status, but fears becoming a celebrity now that he has tied the knot.

Prior to his marriage, it was common for Prince Harry to be seen partying, posing for media pictures, and enjoying his fame. However, his outlook on his former actions changed drastically following his marriage.

Whether Prince Harry can achieve a bit of respite is still questionable. While he may have desired more peace and quiet after marriage, his bride brought her own share of publicity into their lives. Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, is a famous former actress, and she has surrounded herself with plenty of celebrity friends who also attract a bevy of media attention. Since Prince Harry has his own celebrity baggage to carry around, it’s questionable how quiet he’ll live his life with a famous actress as his wife, and her circle of celebrity friends.

“I think he has to be careful, because the optics, he married an actress, who quite understandably has quite a lot of famous friends. She is not some country girl from the shires and she is not some unknown frankly from Australia, or wherever. So, I think he does have to be quite careful of the optics of how things look. He doesn’t want to turn himself into some celebrity which people might tire of him,” royal expert Emily Andrews said, according to The World News.

Prior to her wedding, Meghan Markle appeared in the television show Suits. Markle is no longer an actress, but she does still communicate with many of her celebrity friends. In fact, when visiting New York in February, she met up with some of her famous friends. Those celebrities also threw her an impressive baby shower while she was in New York.

Some of Markle’s friends who attended her baby shower included Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, according to the Express. Of course, Markle has been encouraged to maintain her important friendships, but it will be interesting to see how the royal couple forms a balance between their royal duties, Markle’s celebrity status, and Prince Harry’s desire to not become a celebrity.

Once Markle’s baby shower was over, she went home to the United Kingdom. Then, Markle joined Prince Harry to take a royal tour of Morocco. During the trip, Harry decided to surprise the 12,000 children present at the Wembley Arena’s WE Day. The prince encouraged the children to interact with others face-to-face as often as possible, and to spend less time on phones and devices.

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