Disney+ Will Include The Entire Disney Library, But Will ‘Song Of The South’ Be Included?

Along with all of the news about Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge being announced this week, Disney also gave a few more details about their new streaming service. Disney+ is set to debut sometime later this year and Disney CEO Bob Iger said on Thursday that it’s going to be a huge collection of films for people to enjoy. He also said that Disney+ would have the “entire” Disney movie library on it, but many people are wondering if that even means Song of the South.

During the 2019 Walt Disney World shareholders meeting on Thursday morning, Iger said that he would showcase Disney+ for investors and other executives on April 11. From there, things will likely speed up and move toward becoming available for everyone.

The Verge reported that in Iger’s own words, the “entire library” of Disney movies would be available on Disney+, and that includes movies that are in the vault.

For those who aren’t familiar, the “Disney Vault” is where many of the company’s animated classics and other films go for years at a time. Every so often, they are released from the vault for a limited time and made available to purchase or rent, but they eventually go back in.

Knowing this bit of information, a lot of hardcore Disney fans are wondering if the iconic and historic Song of the South will be included on the streaming service.

Song of the South is the one movie that many fans are wondering about, as the 1946 film is famous for the song “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” and is the reason that Splash Mountain exists. That particular song won an Oscar in 1947 for Best Original Song and James Baskett won an honorary Academy Award for his role as Uncle Remus.

Despite the awards and popularity, it is not available on video or DVD or any form of home release unless someone finds it as a bootleg copy. The film has been the subject of much controversy due to its offensive nature and racially insensitive material.

The NAACP has spoken out against Song of the South in the past and the movie hasn’t been seen in the United States since its theatrical re-release in 1986. Some people claim it to have been “banned” by Disney, but they simply have it in the vault and haven’t brought it out.

Would they do it now?

Collider states that they find a “hard time believing” that Song of the South will be on Disney+ at all. A.V. Club doesn’t think Disney+ will have the movie either, but that goes against what Iger said about it including the “entire” library. Fortune believes the chances of seeing it on Disney’s streaming service are “pretty much zip.”

Song of the South won some awards and it was looked at as groundbreaking when it was released, but chances are it will never see the light of day again. Times have changed and the movie is one that is probably going to stay buried in the “Disney Vault” forever, even though Disney+ is supposed to have the “entire” library of movies on it.

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