Dallas Cowboys News: DeMarcus Lawrence Could Be The Le’Veon Bell Of 2019

Anyone who is a football fan and watched the NFL knows that running back Le’Veon Bell was not happy with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The All-Pro was not thrilled with the team or his contract and that led to him holding out the entire season. He didn’t play in a single game. If the Dallas Cowboys aren’t careful, there is a very good chance that defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence could do the same.

When the Cowboys could not come to an agreement on a new contract with Lawrence, they slapped the franchise tag on him for a second time. As reported by Inquisitr, Lawrence has the ability to speak to other teams, but they would need to be willing to give up a lot in order to sign him away from Dallas.

Every single year, Lawrence’s value has gone up as he not only continues to produce on defense, but he also keeps elevating his game. When the Cowboys made an offer to Lawrence’s agent at the NFL Scouting Combine, the defensive end’s camp didn’t even think the team was serious and was almost offended.

With the deadline to franchise tag players approaching on March 5, the Cowboys had no choice but to put one on Lawrence again. It is obvious that is not what he wanted, and some people are beginning to believe that he could end up holding out if a new contract is not in place by the start of the season.

This season, Le’Veon Bell is a free agent and out from under the Pittsburgh Steelers’ franchise tags year after year after year. He is prepared and ready to play this season, and there are a number of teams who have shown interest in the running back that sat out the entire 2018 season.

SB Nation is reporting that Lawrence is so put out by the franchise tag, that he has already indicated he will not sign his franchise tender. That is exactly where Bell was last year with the Steelers, and he ended up sitting out a full year.

Dallas has to be prepared for the idea that Lawrence will do the same.

The Dallas Cowboys have a lot of contracts they need to deal with this season and some that will be coming around next year, too. Free agency is also something the Cowboys will need to look into as well as the picks they select in the 2019 NFL Draft. For months, it has been known that re-signing DeMarcus Lawrence would be their number one priority, but their offers to him didn’t echo the same sentiment.

Now, the question remains: Will Lawrence be the Le’Veon Bell of the 2019 NFL season?

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