Khloe Kardashian Slammed For Photo Of Daughter Among Expensive Birkin Bags

According to a report by People, Khloe Kardashian is facing backlash after posting a picture of daughter True in a pile of Birkin bags.

The photograph was posted on Wednesday and shows little baby True sitting gleefully among a pile of expensive Hermes Birkin designer bags. One bag in the pile, a custom yellow tote, has the caption “Khlomoney” across the front.

Some fans did some cost estimates on the 14 Birkin bags visible in the pictures. The bags range in pricing from $12,000 to more than $200,000 depending on the style and level of customization. Some fans have placed the total value of all bags pictured to be north of $160,000.

There were many fans who gushed over the photo. Comments regarding True’s cuteness, how well done the photo was, and how lucky the girl is to have a mother like her.

Others didn’t even seem to notice the cute baby in the photo and only had eyes for the Birkin bags. One user requested the purple bag and another said that it was “Purse heaven.”

Yet among the gushing and admiring comments from fans, some critics have taken to social media to attack Khloe for her apparent materialism.

“Why is she surrounded by purses and not toys [is] this what [babies] that are rich play with?” criticized one Instagram user.

Another person commented that the cost of the bags could pay off all of their debts. Yet another suggested Khloe should sell the bags and use the money to help other people instead of being selfish.

One individual suggests the photo “is just to brag.”

One user even went so far as to suggest that Khloe was corrupting her daughter with materialism by surrounding her with such luxury at a young age.

Many fans found it unfortunate that a mother wanting to share a cute photo of her daughter would be criticized for decisions she’s made with her own money. Given Khloe’s business is in the world of high luxury fashion, it’s hardly surprising she would have so many Birkin bags.

Her fans hope she’ll continue to post the cute pics, regardless of what the critics have to say.

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