‘The View’ Host Meghan McCain Gets Emotional While Discussing ‘Very Scary’ Comments By Rep. Ilhan Omar

A discussion among The View co-hosts got intense Thursday morning, and Meghan McCain seemed to get especially emotional as the women worked their way through this particular discussion. The topic was Minnesota Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar and comments she recently made, comments that McCain dubbed “very scary.”

Mediaite shared the clip of the pertinent segment from Thursday’s episode of The View. Joy Behar introduced the topic and noted that Democratic lawmakers are currently split over how to handle a resolution related to Omar’s recent comments that are being construed by many as being anti-Semitic.

Abby Huntsman spoke next and admitted that she feels bad for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as she tries to navigate this complicated scenario. Joy and Abby mentioned the frequent tweets that come from some of these big personalities that stir up drama, and they noted that this really applies not just to President Trump, who is known for his controversial tweets, but to new lawmakers like Ilhan and fellow Democratic Representative Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, too.

At this point, McCain stepped in and asked everybody to stick with her as she walked through this. As can be seen in the video of the segment that The View Twitter account posted as well, Meghan explained that she knows some of her co-hosts tend not to agree with her on these topics and that this is a particularly intense one for her. Meghan noted that she doesn’t think that anti-Semitism should be specifically a right or a left issue.

The View host continued in saying that Omar is a rising star in the Democrat party, and she “fits a lot of boxes that Democrats like.” McCain said that this means there is a lot of pressure from within to support Omar because identity politics are important to the party.

However, McCain says, this situation has become a watershed moment for Democrats as they decide how to navigate handling Omar’s controversial comments. Meghan went on to ask how Democrats would react if these same comments had been made by a white, male Republican.

Behar said that it’s very suspicious to her that Israel tends to become such a focus of conversation, and McCain said she agreed with Joy on this point. Meghan said there are human rights violations all over the world, and she questions why Omar is putting so much focus on this specific topic and area of the world.

Meghan did note that she’s uncomfortable with Ilhan’s presence on the Foreign Relations Committee in the same way she was uncomfortable with Iowa Republican Representative Steve King being on that same committee.

Sunny Hostin brought up some different points, and McCain tried to jump in and interrupt her several times. Hostin also noted the recent poster seen in West Virginia that painted Omar as a terrorist, and Sunny said she hasn’t seen equal outrage over what has transpired with the representative’s comments on Israel.

McCain then asked if everybody was comfortable with her rebutting now, and she recapped some of Omar’s previous statements. Meghan said they were “dog whistle” comments for Jewish Americans, and Joy questioned if it weren’t disingenuous for the Republican party to go after Omar when they aren’t pushing President Trump in some of his international relationships with worldwide dictators.

Meghan then started to get teary as she mentioned how close she is with Joe Liberman and his family, and how personally she takes it as she watches hate crimes rising in this country. McCain says she was nervous to talk about this on the show, and she doesn’t think it’s a topic that should be politicized. She added that she thinks this is becoming very dangerous, and that what Omar is saying is very scary and she doesn’t think people need to be Jewish to recognize that.

Ultimately, as is often the case on The View, the ladies needed to wrap up the segment without all ending up on the same page. While Meghan McCain did get quite emotional in discussing this, there were places where she, Joy, Sunny, and Abby were all in agreement and that’s not always an easy thing for this panel to do.

It’s not clear yet what will happen in regards to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s recent comments and the proposed resolution against anti-Semitism. It does seem likely that The View hosts will passionately discuss this kind of thing again and that the women will be equally intense at whatever point they readdress it.

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