Taylor Swift Shares The Free App That Helps Her Get Through The Dark Times

According to a report by Daily Mail, Taylor Swift uses a free app that gives her a “tiny bit of relief and hope,” and anyone can use it.

In the interview for Elle, Swift reveals the many ups and downs her life has taken over the years.

One of the biggest lows of her life came from an “online hate campaign” when she was called a “snake” by Kim Kardashian a few years. She said when so many people jumped on board with Kardashian, it was the lowest she’s ever felt in her life.

But she proved resourceful and was able to take that harmful label and turn it into a source of strength that she could pull from. After a re-branding of sorts, she returned to the stage with the snake image appearing throughout her concert.

Swift says it’s hard to keep a straight face when the 63-foot snake named Karyn appears behind her as she performs. She admits it would still be nice to get an apology from those who bullied her, but she takes satisfaction knowing she “could survive it, and thrive in spite of it.”

She reveals that one trick that’s helped her overcome the hard times is using a free countdown app on her phone.

“When I’ve gone through dark, low times, I’ve always found a tiny bit of relief and hope in getting a countdown app (they’re free) and adding things I’m looking forward to.”


The ability to have a reminder of something wonderful coming up instead of focusing on the terrible present has helped her power through some trying moments and kept her moving forward.

The interview reveals the many times Swift proved to be a juggernaut of strength and optimism. When she faced criticism for carrying a little extra weight, she learned to stop judging herself and embrace it.

She taught herself to stop hating “every ounce of fat on my body” and continually reminded herself that having a little fat meant having “curves, shinier hair, and more energy.”

Swift presents a strong message of keeping your eye on the good things to come while learning to channel weaknesses or insecurities as personal strengths.

After going from the heartbroken performer compared to a contemptuous snake, Swift has grown to be a powerful serpent ready to strike back at bullies wanting to break her spirits.

Perhaps her advice to use a countdown app to look forward to the positive will help others become strong and optimistic individuals in their own right.

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