Britney Spears Is Fully Focused On Father Jamie’s Recovery As Career Break Continues, Per ‘E! News’

Even though her father seems to be on the mend, singer Britney Spears is still focusing on her family over her career.

Back in January, Britney shocked fans by announcing that she would have to cancel her highly-anticipated “Domination” residency in Las Vegas to help care for her ailing father, who suffered a ruptured colon in the months prior. According to E! Online, Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, is “definitely” doing better health-wise as Britney continues to put all her focus on him.

“He is still recovering in Louisiana and Britney’s been coming back and forth to spend time with him,” an insider says. “She’s doing okay with it all right now and is just trying to be as supportive as possible.”

The same insider goes on to share that Britney and her father became incredibly close during Britney’s first Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. Prior to that, Britney didn’t get to see her family a ton because she was always traveling for tours but once she made her home in Vegas for a few years, she and her dad were able to spend lots of time together and really bond.

Jamie also happens to be really close to Britney’s two kids — Jayden and Sean Preston. He’s really good with the boys and now that she’s a mom herself, the singer can appreciate her relationship with her own parents more. And while she is happy to help with her father as he recovers, another insider shares that it has been a little tough for Britney to step away from her career.

“Britney has had to step back for a minute and it has not been an easy thing,” the source shares. “She has always given so much time and attention to her fans, but she has now turned all her focus and attention on all aspects of her personal life, including her family and her love life.”

Many outlets are reporting that Jamie is set to undergo a second colon surgery next week but so far, Britney and her camp have not replied to those rumors. But while Britney continues to help take care of her dad, he is also taking care of his daughter as well.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, the singer’s lawyer Andrew Wallet is reportedly resigning as her co-conservator, which means that her father will serve as the sole conservator of Spears’ assets, meaning that he will handle her money and investments independently.

Wallet originally began watching over Spears’ finances in 2008 after she had a few instances of bizarre behavior in public.

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