Luke Perry Remembered By Darren Star, ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Creator

Luke Perry’s death has sent shockwaves throughout the nation this week. Fans are devastated that the actor has passed away, and many who worked with him over the years seem equally heartbroken. Many of Perry’s colleagues have spoken out about their love for Luke and their sadness over this tragedy, and now, Beverly Hills, 90210 creator Darren Star is opening up in a touching piece shared via Time.

Star is currently the showrunner of the show Younger and Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of his first series. He created the show that ultimately ran for nearly 300 episodes and 10 years and now he’s opening up about first adding Perry to the cast.

The show creator talked about how the 90210 pilot had been shot before Perry was cast. At that point, Star felt the series was missing “a secret ingredient: an avatar of cool.” He says that it felt like an impossible position to fill, but as soon as Perry walked in the door, it was essentially a done deal.

“He was unforgettable from the moment I met him, in the summer of 1990.”

Luke apparently had taken a day off from his regular daytime job of paving parking lots to audition for 90210 and he got the role virtually immediately. Darren writes that Perry pulled together the iconic character of Dylan McKay by drawing from his own personal big heart, strength, and vulnerability.

Star adds in his piece that Perry never let the fame change him. Darren says he felt blessed to have known Luke and is heartbroken by his death.

“And despite the unexpected torrent of fame that followed, Luke… always remained Luke. Soulful, sweet and down-to-earth, he led a life that was a master class in graciousness and humility.”

Many tributes honoring Luke have emerged in the days since his stroke and death, and they are consistent in saying that Perry was a great guy who never let the fame significantly change him. At this point, many of Luke’s Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars have spoken out about the loss and in every case, their continuing love for the actor shines through.

Perry’s stroke and subsequent death came right on the heels of the news that many original cast members are returning for a new version honoring the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Luke wasn’t slated to be a part of the returning cast, in large part due to his commitment to Riverdale.

However, especially now in the wake of Luke Perry’s death, it seems likely that the new Beverly Hills, 90210-focused show will incorporate touches of the character of Dylan McKay, and fans will be anxious to check it out.

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