Roger Alvarado Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Into Taylor Swift’s Home Again

The man who broke into Taylor Swift’s apartment last year is back in police custody after he was caught entering her New York City apartment for a second time. According to Page Six, Roger Alvarado was arrested on Thursday for breaking in through the patio door and ransacking Swift’s TriBeCa apartment.

Around 2 a.m., police nabbed Alvarado when the alarm system in the apartment went off. The “Shake it Off” singer’s security team called the cops right away, who arrived on the scene and arrested the intruder. The police said that the patio door was open when they got there and that the Alvarado had used a ladder to reach the patio and then used a concrete block to smash the door open.

Fortunately, Swift wasn’t home at the time. The 22-year-old was charged with burglary, stalking, criminal contempt, criminal mischief, and using tools intended for burglary.

Alvarado was arrested last April after breaking into the same apartment. In that event, he also used a ladder and broke a window to gain entry into the brownstone. While he was there, he took a shower in Swift’s bathroom and slept in her bed. Swift hadn’t moved into the place yet, but a neighbor tipped cops off to the situation. He pleaded guilty to attempted burglary and criminal contempt and was sentenced to six months in prison and five years of probation. He hadn’t started serving his time for the crime yet, which likely means that he will be facing a longer sentence.

This isn’t the first stalker situation Swift has faced. Last May, Mohammed Jaffar was sentenced to six months in prison after he showed up at a different property and behaved in what was deemed a threatening way. He had been known to tweet affection toward Swift and had repeatedly contacted her management.

All this comes as Swift opened up that one of her greatest fears is facing violence, as The Inquisitr previously reported. After the Las Vegas shooting and Manchester bombing, the singer started worrying about how she would keep all of her fans safe during her tour.

“I was completely terrified to go on tour this time because I didn’t know how we were going to keep 3 million fans safe over seven months,” Swift said. “There was a tremendous amount of planning, expense, and effort put into keeping my fans safe.”

According to the “Reputation” singer, she comes prepared.

“I carry QuikClot army grade bandage dressing, which is for gunshot or stab wounds,” she said.

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