‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 115 Features Death Of Humanity’s Strongest Soldier

Attack on Titan Chapter 115 started with Survey Corps commander Hange Zoe being escorted by the enemy soldiers to the Yeagerists headquarter. They stopped after hearing the sound of an explosion from a nearby location. One of the soldiers thought it was a lighting strike, but Hange said that it was a Thunder Spear. By the time he heard the Thunder Spear, Hange already knew that something wrong happened in the forest where Levi Ackerman and Zeke Yeager were in.

Hange and the Yeagerists decided to go to the direction where they heard the sound. Attack on Titan Chapter 115 featured Zeke with half of his body destroyed. It was revealed that after Levi cut his legs, Zeke pulled the pin of the Thunder Spear lodged in his stomach that caused it to explode.

Zeke lost his consciousness, while the cart that was carrying them was torn into pieces. Zeke thought he was going to die, but a female titan came to save him. The female titan opened her stomach and put Zeke inside. When they arrived at Zeke’s location, Hange and the Yeagerists found the female titan and the cart. Despite receiving a warning from the soldiers, Hange went down from her horse and immediately checked Levi, whose body is covered with blood.

Attack on Titan Chapter 915 revealed the fate of the man considered as “humanity’s strongest soldier.” After inspecting Levi’s body, Hange told the Yeagerists that he’s no longer alive. The soldiers felt a sense of relief knowing that the No. 1 threat to the Yeagerists is already dead. One of the soldiers said that he will shoot Levi in the head, but Hange refused.

Hange said that when someone got caught in the explosion of the Thunder Spear at the point-blank range, he will suffer external wounds and ripped internal organs, and death would be instant. The soldiers became suspicious of Hange when she didn’t let them check Levi’s pulse. When the soldiers were about to interrogate Hange, steam came out of the body of the dead female titan.

The soldiers immediately pointed all their weapons to the dead female titan, but they calmed down when they realized it was Zeke. After coming out of the stomach of the female titan, Zeke recovered the body parts he lost when the Thunder Spear exploded. When she saw Zeke, Hange immediately carried Levi’s body, put it in her horse, and ran away. Some of the soldiers chased Hange, while the others checked Zeke’s condition and asked him everything that happened in the forest.

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