Oprah Gets Attacked On Social Media And Receives Death Threats

Everybody has heard the old cliché telling us that there are two sides to every story. However, it’s hard to get to the bottom of things when one side of the story passed away several years ago. On Sunday, HBO aired its new documentary about Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland, focusing on two men accusing the late singer of child molestation. The show has stirred up a massive amount of controversy for everybody involved.

However, the power of Leaving Neverland cannot be denied, since many people who saw the show felt that there is more than enough evidence still out there that proves Jackson committed the crimes with which he’s been accused. On the other hand, Jackson still has his staunch supporters, culminating with his longtime, dedicated fans and, of course, his family.

Jackson’s family has since labeled Leaving Neverland as a “public lynching,” according to The Hollywood Gossip. The family sees the documentary as an attack on their famous relative, and a way to ruin the reputation of somebody who is no longer around to speak up for himself. Jackson’s most loyal supporters have also rushed to his defense, protesting screenings of the show and speaking up to support Jackson’s innocence. However, after Leaving Neverland premiered, it appears that those who believe Jackson is innocent are far outnumbered by those who now see Jackson as a guilty man.

At the end of the two-part series, with the second session airing on Monday, HBO also showed a special interview following the end of the show, Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland. Oprah’s participation in these interviews, which had her talking to two of Jackson’s alleged victims, has made her a target for Jackson’s supporters.

Oprah herself was a victim of child molestation. However, her own past didn’t interfere with her emotions as she interviewed the two alleged victims very factually.

“It happened to me at 9, and then 10, and then 11, and then 12, 13, 14. You don’t have the language to begin to explain what’s happening to you,” Oprah said, according to the Hollywood Gossip. “That’s why you feel you’re not going to be believed. And if the abuser, the molester, is any good, they will make you feel that you are complicit, that you were part of it. That’s what keeps you from telling.”

Oprah’s goal was to get to the bottom of things and to analyze the stories of the two alleged victims. Regardless, the famous television host is now being harassed by many of Jackson’s supporters via social media. However, the attacks on Oprah don’t just stop at social media comments. She has been getting some very serious forms of harassment, including death threats.

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