‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Thanks Steve Lodge For Reportedly Saving Her Job

Vicki Gunvalson, who stars on the Real Housewives of Orange County, almost lost her job as a cast member on the trendy Bravo show. Gunvalson wasn’t in trouble for misbehaving or necessarily doing anything wrong. In fact, the main problem she faced was that she didn’t have much to offer to the show. Gunvalson lacked a personal storyline to add into the upcoming season, which, for a reality television series, can create a problem.

However, Gunvalson got lucky through the chivalrous actions of her boyfriend, Steven Lodge, who came to her aid so that she could retain her job. Gunvalson has never been afraid to show off her relationship with Lodge on social media, and the couple appears to be very much in love. In fact, Gunvalson shared some of that love on her Instagram over the weekend. She posted a photo of her and Lodge out on a romantic date. Gunvalson added a few hashtags to the photo that suggest she’ll be returning to Real Housewives of Orange County next season.

So, how did Lodge help bring about a plot that made Gunvalson worth retaining on her show? Lodge plans on proposing to Gunvalson on the show, and the couple is also willing to allow Bravo to film their wedding, according to Celeb News Network.. So, when Gunvalson was renegotiating with Bravo for next season, Gunvalson told the network that she and Lodge would be willing to go the distance with a proposal and a wedding to contribute a storyline to the series. However, since nobody can be certain if Lodge and Gunvalson will walk down the aisle anytime soon or even break up, Gunvalson promised to add all the drama she can to the show.

“Vicki has been a total pain … during the first few filming sessions that she has been back on set,” a source close to the show said, according to Celeb News Network. “She is throwing temper tantrums and starting fights because she is terrified of getting booted from the show. She knows that she has to bring the drama, and she’s been doing just that.”

Along with making promises about tying the knot with Lodge, fans wonder if Gunvalson has been trying to create drama with her co-stars in an effort to keep her job and make her character more interesting. During last season’s reunion, Gunvalson fueled a large amount of cocaine gossip about Kelly Dodd, and some fans wonder if Gunvalson will keep up those allegations. If not, it is possible she may dive into gossiping about some of her other co-stars. However, the direction Gunvalson might take when sparking the rumor mill, which she is known to do, isn’t clear at this point.

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