Ariana Grande’s Dog Looks Super Skeptical In Latest Instagram Post

“When someone takes my food without my permission,” Ariana Grande captioned a remarkably skeptical-looking dog posting on Instagram Wednesday. She punctuated the remark with a laughing emoji and a couple of hearts.

The meme-worthy snap drew more than half a million likes in under an hour and generated thousands of comments, including plenty of personal hot takes on the dog’s expression.

“My husband’s face as we listen to your new album 3x over while we renovate the house,” remarked one fan.

“Me when I look at homework,” said another.

The dog, a chihuahua named Pignoli according to a previous Instagram post, is just one of quite a few dogs Grande has had at one time, all of which are rescues according to Bravo. At one point, based on Instagram sleuthing, Grande’s doggy brood totaled nine pets, including Pignoli. Other dogs included Fawkes, Ophelia, Toulouse, Coco, Sirius, Cinnamon, Strauss, and Lafayette. The breeds have no shortage of variety either, representing everything from chihuahuas like Pignoli to Cinnamon the pitbull terrier.

While Pignoli is the latest pooch to find fame through the social media snaps of Grande’s nearly 150 million Instagram followers, each of the other rescues have taken their own turns in the spotlight.

She has posted Tolouse the beagle-chihuauua sporting a backstage pass. Ophelia the chocolate labradoodle is the tongue-in-cheek administrator of a standalone Instagram account just for the dogs. Fawkes the Shiba Inu was posted shortly after his adoption on a visit to Florida. Cinnamon the American Pitbull Terrier starred in his own video for Instagram, as did Coco, the Dashund-German Shepard. Lafayette, Sirius, and Strauss have each had their time to shine as well.

Grande in the past has pointed out that each of her pets are rescued and that she adopted rather than purchased each member of the family of pets. The dogs alone have an Instagram following of more than 80,000 strong.

Lately, having her food taken without permission may have been the last of Grande’s dietary worries, as the singer recently endured a minor Twitter firestorm after many of her vegan followers weighed in on her promotion of an egg-filled Starbucks drink. The post confirmed many fans’ suspicions that the star had walked back on her veganism lately, despite her claims of following a fully vegan diet.

Critics expressed disappointment in Grande for highlighting the decidedly non-vegan Cloud Macchiato instead of using her substantial clout to drive Starbucks in delivering better vegan options to their menu.

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