Ariana Grande Dragged On Twitter For Promoting Egg-Filled Starbucks Drink Despite Claiming To Be Vegan

Ariana Grande is currently facing some serious backlash on social media following her recent collaboration with Starbucks. The 25-year-old Grammy winner is being slammed on Twitter for promoting and drinking a non-vegan beverage despite claiming to be vegan, Vegan News is reporting.

As The Inquisitr covered earlier today, the “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” songstress took to Twitter on Wednesday to unveil the new Cloud Macchiato — a flavored iced espresso served with a generous scoop of cloud-like foam. To showcase the new coffee drink, the “7 Rings” songstress posted a series of enticing photos, as well as a short video of herself enjoying the Cloud Macchiato.

While many of her social media fans were excited to see the pics and learn that the new foamy product was now available in Starbucks coffee shops, some were not willing to overlook the fact that Ariana was endorsing an egg-filled drink even though she has been claiming for years that she followed a vegan diet.

According to the Starbucks website, the “fluffy” dollop of foam that has made the new espresso famous is dairy-based and contains egg powder. Furthermore, one of the two varieties of Cloud Macchiato sold by the coffee franchise boasts even more animal-derived ingredients, as it includes a caramel drizzle made with dairy cream and butter.

Naturally, some of Ariana’s Twitter followers were not too happy to see the pop star casually enjoying the egg-filled drink in the new snapshots, given her claims of adhering to a “fully vegan” diet. Many voices within the starlet’s massive social media following – collectively known as Arianators – declared themselves disappointed by her actions and criticized the singer for promoting the nonvegan beverage instead of using her influence to introduce more vegan options to the Starbucks menu.

“Ariana Grande is the so-called ‘fully vegan,’ that’s why we’re disappointed, because she could have gotten another vegan option into Starbucks,” one of her fans wrote on Twitter in reply to her post.

“I thought this campaign would be great to spread veganism and compassion to animals, as well. So disappointing,” tweeted another person.

Even though the “7 Rings” hitmaker did encourage her fans to “try the soy version” of the Cloud Macchiato in the photo caption, Starbucks explained on their website that the new beverage can’t be made vegan because the foam would still be made with egg powder even though the espresso contained plant-based milk.

“‘Try the soy version,’ but the cloud has egg in it sis,” remarked one of Ariana’s fans in a post to Twitter.

As Vegan News points out, Arianators have been suspecting for a while that their favorite celebrity had renounced her vegan habits. Some people even speculated that the “Thank U, Next” singer was never vegan in the first place, but rather a vegetarian who didn’t consume meat yet still enjoyed animal-derived products.

“Bummer that you aren’t vegan anymore… I guess you never were to begin with since you wear fur and leather,” wrote one of her fans, including the #disappointed hashtag in her Twitter post.

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