Brielle Biermann Makes Shocking Claim About Plastic Surgery, Reveals Bizarre Future Surgery Plans

Over the last two years, Brielle Biermann’s physical appearance has changed drastically. The Don’t Be Tardy reality star has undergone multiple plastic surgeries distinctly altering her facial features. However, the 22-year-old has made it very clear she’s nowhere near done altering her appearance.

According to Hollywood Life, Brielle Biermann is tired of cyber trolls criticizing her for her decision to undergo plastic surgery. While she admitted everyone is entitled to their opinion, she doesn’t appreciate people constantly criticizing her for her decisions. It’s no secret cyber trolls can be harsh and, sometimes, verbally abusive.

“Because you hear the same comment 24/7. It’s all day every day and it gets annoying. Everybody has an opinion, good or bad, and it just gets annoying all of the time and you have to be like, ‘Listen, you don’t know what’s going on.'”

Brielle Biermann went on to reveal one day she may even go to the extreme and have her “whole body” redone. Initially, the comment seemed like nothing more than something she’d pondered, but she continued by saying she’d consider redoing her “whole face and everything.” However, she also argued that her decision shouldn’t affect anyone else.

“If I want to redo my whole body which one day I probably will and my whole face and everything, it should not affect you! It’s not your face, and quite frankly, you don’t have to look at it, just move on from life! I don’t know how you’re so bothered by my appearance! You do you!”

The latest news about Brielle Biermann’s plastic surgery claim follows a string of reports about her previous surgeries and lip fillers. On multiple occasions, Brielle and her mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann have been widely criticized for their cosmetic surgeries. The noticeable changes began approximately five years ago when Kim began undergoing surgeries. The reality star passed the tradition down to her daughter. Now, they’ve collectively turned their love for cosmetics into a business. Brielle Biermann now has a new makeup line with her mother, Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her younger sister, Arianna Biermann.

Over the last two weeks, the ladies have been marketing heavily to promote their new brand. However, fans haven’t been very pleased with the quality of the products. Multiple reports have criticized the quality of the products but Kim and her daughters have fiercely defended their brand.

Despite all of the criticism, the ladies have also vowed to continue to do what makes them happy whether it involves surgery or not.

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