Destinee Lashaee Weight-Loss Update: New Pictures Show Transformation For Transgender ‘My 600-LB Life’ Subject

Destinee Lashaee had a unique motivation before being featured on My 600-LB Life — one of the show’s first transgender subjects wanted to go through a medical transition to live as a woman, but first needed to lose a significant amount of weight to do so.

New social media pictures show that she may be well on the way.

As Newsweek noted, the 27-year-old Destinee came onto the show battling an addiction to food that resulted from her traumatic life. Born Matthew, Destinee never felt like she fit in and turned to food for comfort, which led her to weigh more than 600 pounds by the time she came to the TLC docu-series.

Food allowed Destinee to try to cope with her depression, but it only ended up sending her deeper into depression as she gained a life-threatening amount of weight.

“I feel like all I’m doing is constantly try to escape my depression and pain at this point and food is the only thing I have to turn to to do that but the thing that’s also saving me every day is the thing that’s destroying me too,” she said, “to the point where I can feel it killing me.”

But there are now some very encouraging signs for Destinee Lashaee after appearing on My 600-LB Life. Her Facebook page shows that Destinee has now moved to Houston, where she traveled during the show to work with renowned weight-loss specialist Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. That has been a trend among people featured on the show this season, with nearly all of them putting down roots in Houston rather than returning home to continue treatment on their own.

Though the sample size is still small, subjects who chose to remain in Houston and work directly with Dr. Now often see more significant progress toward their weight-loss goals and are able to stick more to the program.

That could be the case for Destinee Lashaee, who posted some pictures of her apparent weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life. Her Facebook page shows an animated selfie where Destinee appears to have a thinner face and figure. She did not give any specific updates about weight loss on parts of the page that are visible to the public, but other pictures appear to show her progress toward weight loss — and her positive attitude toward the journey ahead and the potential of going through a transition to live as a woman.