Emma Watson Touted To Join Cast Of ‘Black Widow’ Movie

After many years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Widow, AKA Natasha Romanov, AKA Scarlett Johansson, is finally getting her own movie. Johansson’s former Russian spy/assassin character has had plenty of airtime in previous films, most notably in the Avengers and Captain America movies, but has yet to be the star of her own big screen adventure.

Following the raging success of the DC Universe’s Wonder Woman standalone film, Marvel Studios announced they would be branching out and giving Black Widow her own film for the first time. Set for release in 2020, the only cast member that has been confirmed is Johansson herself, in the titular role.

Now rumors are doing the rounds that the Harry Potter universe’s beloved Emma Watson might be getting a lead role in the new film. According to Comic Book, Watson is on top of the list of actors to play a leading character when the film hits the big screen next year.

Apparently, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and producer Brad Winderbaum are both on board with the plan to cast Watson.

Whether or not Watson has actually been approached with an offer, or is at all interested in the prospect of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has not been made clear as yet.

Other actresses being eyed for the role include Alice Englert (Ratched), Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages), and Florence Pugh (Fighting With My Family). Both Englert and Zuzovsky have already auditioned for the role in question, and “are said to have left a strong impression.”

If Watson is given the role at the end of the day, it will be the first time she plays in a true action movie, given that the Harry Potter franchise is considered to be more aligned with the fantasy genre, despite all the battles she had to partake in as Hermione Granger. Hopefully, those battles will provide a good strong background for her should she be cast in Black Widow.

Given that the movie is supposed to start filming this summer, it hopefully won’t be too long before casting decisions are made and publicly confirmed.

Black Widow is set to form part of phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the fourth Avengers movie being released in April. It’s unlikely that any announcements about the heroine’s film will come before that premiere so as not to draw any attention away from the highly anticipated second part of the Avengers crossover.

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