Hallmark Channel’s ‘Spring Fever’ Features Six Brand-New Movies

Winter is winding down, and soon it will be March 20, the first day of spring. The weather will start to warm up, flowers will begin to bloom, and love will be in the air.

To usher in the new season, the Hallmark Channel will debut six brand-new romantic films as part of its “Spring Fever” campaign, according to a network press release posted on The Futon Critic website. The new movies will air on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. from March 16 through April 20.

What are the new films about? And which of your favorite actors and actresses will be starring in the made-for-TV movies? Read on to find out.

Flip That Romance
March 16
“Spring Fever” on the Hallmark Channel kicks off with a flick about a pair of house flippers. Jules (Dallas’ Julie Gonzalo) and Lance (Warehouse 13′s Tyler Hynes) were once a couple but broke up while flipping a home together. Since they each own half of a duplex, they start a flipping contest to sell it off. While fixing the place up, a storm knocks out the power, and the two are forced to work by candlelight, which leads to a rekindling of their romance. However, after Lance hires a crew to paint the property without Jules’ permission, they start fighting again. Each turn to a parent for some advice, but will it help save their relationship?

Love to the Rescue
March 23
Bruce the dog has been waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Now, two families want to give him a forever home, as single mom Kate (Awkward’s Nikki DeLoach) and single dad Eric (Timeless’ Michael Rady) have both promised their kids that they would be bringing him home. The parents agree to joint custody of Bruce for one month to decide which home would be best for him. But it’s not just Bruce that has captured the hearts of Kate and Eric.

A Brush with Love
March 30
Art lover Jamie (Midnight, Texas’ Arielle Kebbel) longs for a career as a painter, but is spending her time expanding her children’s art school with the help of her father. Her passion gets reignited, though, when she is asked to exhibit in a big art festival. As for her personal life, she must choose between a handsome businessman and her best friend’s brother, Max (Originals’ Nick Bateman).

True Love Blooms
April 6
Does the community garden run by Vikki (A Series of Unfortunate Event’s Sara Rue) have a chance of survival after developer Chace (Gone’s Jordan Bridges) chooses the site on which to build new condos? The two understand each other’s points of view, but are at a stalemate. Will they be able to find a solution that will appease them both? And will they find true love?

Bottled with Love
April 13
Career-focused Abbey (One Tree Hill’s Bethany Joy Lenz) writes an anonymous letter about her desire to find true love and seals it in a bottle that she throws into Boston Harbor. Maine resident Nick (Cuts’ Andrew Walker) finds the bottle, emails the note’s writer, and soon they start forging an online relationship. However, neither one of them knows that they are actually acquainted in real life, as Nick is the son of her company’s CEO, who has just been called back to Boston to work on a project. Of course, he must work with Abbey, and the two are not getting along. What happens when they find out that the person they’ve been sparring with at the office is the same person they’ve been falling in love with online?

Easter Under Wraps
April 20
Sales are declining at Cavendish Chocolates, and marketing director Erika (The Good Doctor’s Fiona Gubelmann) goes undercover to investigate why. She soon learns from chocolatier Bryan (Chesapeake Shores’ Brendan Penny) that automation has led to a decrease in the quality of the products. The two soon team up to bring back one of the company’s most famous treats, the Cavendish egg. However, Bryan feels duped after seeing Erika’s photo, revealing her true identity, at a company event, and contemplates a job offer from a rival company.


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