MLB News: Bryce Harper Stands By Recruitment Of Mike Trout – Despite Tampering Claims

Bryce Harper has been a member of the Philadelphia Phillies for less than a week, and he’s already making waves for someone other than himself. After signing a mega contract with the Phillies, Harper is now ready to start the 2019 season in a new location, but he’s already looking for new teammates in the future. Harper not only lobbied to have Mike Trout join him in 2021, but he’s standing by his words even though some have considered it tampering.

Fresh off signing his 13-year deal worth $330 million, which is the largest in baseball history, Bryce Harper isn’t finished being in the spotlight. He let Phillies owner John Middleton know that he’s all about helping recruit other players and trying to get them to come to Philadelphia.

As reported by ESPN, Harper had no issues saying who he wants to join him with his new team.

“If you don’t think I’m gonna call Mike Trout to come to Philly in 2020, you’re crazy.”

Harper went on to say that he has every right to speak to other players and tell them that Philadelphia is the “place to be.” He plans on selling his new team to free agents or anyone in Major League Baseball whether they are under contract or not.

Obviously, this angered the Los Angeles Angels who claim that Harper is guilty of tampering with Mike Trout based on his comments. Harper is not backing down from what he said and he’s standing by his words.

On Wednesday, Major League Baseball said they were aware of the situation with Bryce Harper and the things he said about Angels’ Mike Trout. The new slugger for the Phillies isn’t worried about what the Angels are saying and is standing by his comments.

“If I didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t have said it.”

The things he said about Trout in an interview with SportsRadio 94WIP in Philadelphia could very well be considered tampering. Harper said on Wednesday that the Phillies spoke to him about possibly violating the league’s tampering rules, but MLB has not spoken to him as of yet.

One of the biggest problems is that Harper used another player’s name publicly and spoke of having him come play with another team. Trout only said that he has no control over what other players say, but Angels manager Brad Ausmus had more to say about the situation.

“There is a rule against tampering for a reason. There has been for a long time. I don’t know if it’s a bigger deal or not (now). It’s reported more because of social media, but I don’t know that it’s any bigger of a deal. It’s always been a big deal.”

Bryce Harper has not received any disciplinary action from MLB, the Phillies, or anyone as of this writing, but he still may in the near future. It appears as if the new star in Philadelphia is excited about his new surroundings and simply wants other talented players to join him. Even if a fine is handed down to him, it’s not like he couldn’t afford it, but tampering may end up getting expensive in the long run.

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