Fans React To ‘The Bachelor’ Battle Between Caelynn Miller-Keyes & Katie Morton During ‘The Women Tell All’

Things got intense Tuesday night during The Bachelor “The Women Tell All” special episode as Katie Morton and Caelynn Miller-Keyes discussed the friction between them. Spoilers had emerged after the special was taped indicating that this would be a rather messy segment, and viewers had strong reactions as it all played out. Naturally, both Katie and Caelynn have their supporters, and a lot of opinions were shared across Twitter as this aired.

As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Katie went into great detail during the special to explain the original conversation she says she heard between Caelynn and fellow contestant Cassie Randolph. Morton also talked about a phone conversation she and Miller-Keyes had after filming.

However, Caelynn’s version of how everything played out was different from Katie’s in some significant ways. Ultimately, nothing was exactly resolved, and Bachelor fans were left trying to sort through all of this to form their own opinions.

It looks as if many Bachelor fans land on the side of believing what Katie had to say. Quite a few noted on Twitter that the original conversation definitely seemed to have happened, and some noted that Hannah Brown’s facial reactions as Katie talked about Caelynn seemed to further confirm much of what she’d previously tried to say about Miller-Keyes.

Katie won over many viewers who were trying to determine who they felt had been truthful about this situation. Of course, not everybody took that side. Caelynn still has a legion of dedicated supporters who believe she was unfairly misrepresented in all of this.

At this point, it seems pretty safe to say that fans are going to get as much information and clarity about this situation as is going to be available. It also seems clear that both Katie and Caelynn have their fans and their supporters among their fellow Bachelor contestants, and they probably won’t be hanging out together anytime soon.

Many fans would guess that ABC will be doing their best to get both Caelynn and Katie to agree to do the next run of Bachelor in Paradise. The next season will not film until this summer, so official casting won’t be in place until late May or early June. However, The Bachelor fans know that the network loves to cast pairs like this in hopes of sparking fresh rounds of drama.

Did Katie Morton or Caelynn Miller-Keyes come off as more believable Tuesday night? This week’s The Bachelor shows were packed with drama, and spoilers tease that the two-night finale coming up on March 11 and 12 will be stunning as well. Fans have had a lot to keep track of this season, and it’s shaping up to be a wild ride to the finish line.