‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Author’s Inspiration And Origin Story Revealed In New Biopic Trailer

The Lord Of The Rings, by author J. R. R. Tolkien, is considered to be one of the most literary fantasy novels ever created. The books were adapted into one of the most massive film franchises as well, one directed by Peter Jackson. The scope and grandness of The Lord Of The Rings movies even spawned a new trilogy of films with The Hobbit. The newest trailer from Tolkien, a biographical movie based on the life of the author, reveals the experiences that shaped one of the largest fictional sagas in history.

Tolkien stars Nicholas Hoult, who plays the titular creator. Lily Collins introduces the trailer released on the movie’s official Twitter account. The film has been directed by Dome Karukoski. The movie takes audiences through the author’s motivations to create stories, and, more importantly, through key aspects of his life and experiences. These trials and tribulations would eventually become the inspiration behind the characters and situations that formed the Lord Of The Rings stories.

One of Tolkien’s most notable accomplishments with the Lord Of The Rings book series was creating new languages — like Elvish, Orcish, and others — which played an integral part in the story. The new trailer opens with this achievement, as Hoult’s Tolkien explains to Collins’ character that he has invented a new language.

The Lord Of The Rings is one of the most influential stories ever written, and the film adaptation was able to bridge the gap between genre fans and casual audiences. However, this is not the first time that a biopic about a great creator has been made into a feature film. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women chronicled the life of William Moulton Marston, creator of the pop culture icon and comic book hero of Wonder Woman. The film, similarly to Tolkien, takes a look at Marston’s inspirations and experiences that helped to shape his fictional creation for decades to come.

Nicholas Hoult (L) and Olivia Colman attend the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The Tolkien trailer sees many obvious and subtle sequences that can be juxtaposed against similar events that make it into the stories of The Lord Of the Rings. In his younger years, Tolkien’s desire to tell stories has him form a friendship with other literary-minded friends, who he refers to as a fellowship, similar to one that he would go on to write about in his later years. Scenes depicting the violence of World War I feel very similar in tone and aesthetic to the battle sequences of the films of The Lord Of The Rings. The inspiration for one of the largest characters in The Hobbit movies, Smaug, can be seen as being conceptualized through a fire-engulfed scene of war as well. There is also a scene of a young Tolkien hiding from bullies, one that is reminiscent of the Hobbits hiding from the Nazgûl in The Fellowship Of The Ring.

While it’s incredible to see the inner workings of a creator — and how their life experiences helped shape the fiction that influences generations — Tolkien is a smaller movie that will hopefully find the audience it needs in order to be a success.

Tolkien releases on May 10.

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