‘Married At First Sight’ Recap For Jasmine And Will: Arguing Over Money

According to a report by Us Weekly, Jasmine and Will butted heads when it came to discussing their financial future.

Last week’s episode could have been a very sweet moment for the couple, but ended in disaster, according to an article by Us Weekly.

Jasmine was looking forward to a romantic celebration of their one-month anniversary and even floated the possibility of the two sleeping together for the first time in their marriage.

Will was similarly excited by the evening and thought the two were making progress as a couple, and he was becoming more and more comfortable with her.

Unfortunately, the night was utterly ruined for both when Jasmine surprised him with a question regarding how she would rate her as a wife on a scale from one to 10. Will looking to be honest, gave 6.8 as his answer.

Jasmine was offended and felt disrespected by his rating, declaring that between the two, Will needed to improve more. Will explained that he felt 6.8 was appropriate because they struggle with their communication and have room to grow.

It resulted in a ruined vibe and a tragic end to what could have been a romantic evening.

Last night’s episode saw even more tension enter into the couple’s lives as they discussed their future plans together.

Will revealed his dream of becoming a basketball coach as his career. Jasmine expressed concerns that a basketball coach doesn’t make very much money and wouldn’t be able to provide them with much stability or the nicer things in life.

Will dismissed her concerns, saying he doesn’t “really want to follow money” when it comes to his career.

The argument over money was frightening for both Jasmine and Will. Will confided to his friends that he wants a wife that will be his partner and not someone who will expect to be taken care of.

“Between me and my wife, clear and effective communication is the one thing lacking. If the man paying for everything is what she wants, then it’s not going to be me.”

Jasmine was surprised at Will’s reaction to her concerns and was worried they were on a path to divorce, and that all the progress they’ve made would be “all for nothing.”

The two seemed not to have resolved their concerns regarding their financial future, and fans are left waiting to see if this is the wedge that drives them apart, or if they can find a way to work past this new dilemma.

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