One Piece Chapter 935 Spoilers, Predictions: Big Mom Could Fight Queen, Help Luffy Escape From Prisoner’s Mine

In the ongoing One Piece Wano Arc, Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy is once again facing huge trouble after hitting one of the guards who is torturing an old man. It is the same old man whom Luffy gave the Kibi Dango he got from working at the Prisoner’s Mine. As revealed in One Piece Chapter 934 anyone who attacks the jailer will be punished by death.

The latest chapter of One Piece didn’t show what happened in the fight between Luffy and the jailer. But even if he succeeds to take down all the guards, Luffy will still be in a very complicated situation as Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague is set to arrive at the Prisoner’s Mine. Queen is one of three disasters who is in charge of breaking the wills of strong individuals that Emperor Kaido wants to join their crew.

As the release of One Piece Chapter 935 draws near, fans at Reddit can’t help themselves but make their own predictions regarding what will happen next. Reddit user “koolguykiran” predicted that Emperor Big Mom could also appear at the Prisoner’s Mine to fight Queen and help Luffy escape. A fight between Emperor Big Mom and Queen has a huge chance of happening as Charlotte Linlin, together with Strawhat Pirates doctor Tony Tony Chopper, Kozuki Momonosuke, Kiku, and Tama, will be passing the Prisoner’s Mine on their way to Udon. Chopper knows that Luffy is in the Prisoner’s Mine and he could use Emperor Big Mom’s current condition to free his captain.

Queen’s devil fruit ability is yet to be revealed, but no matter what power he has, there is no way that he can beat Emperor Big Mom in a one-on-one fight. Emperor Big Mom may have lost her memory is and currently not in control of Prometheus and Napoleon, but her physical strength combined with Haki could be enough to take down one of Emperor Kaido’s right-hand men. After helping Luffy escape, all the Strawhat Pirates can now reunite to prepare for their upcoming war against the Beast Pirates alliance.

Also, the Strawhat Pirates need to make a plan regarding what they are planning to do with Emperor Big Mom. With her current situation, the Strawhat Pirates could easily control Emperor Big Mom and help them fight Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. However, they will be in huge trouble once Emperor Big Mom regains her memory.

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