Fans Remember And Pay Tribute to Luke Perry

Luke Perry was an outstandingly successful television actor before acting on television was popular. He had a fanbase that spread out through many generations, starting with Generation X. Back in the 1990s, when Perry first caught our attention, he played Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210. Perry grabbed the attention of Generation X quickly, with his attractive looks and brooding character portrayal. While he is probably best known for his role as Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210, that certainly wasn’t his only famous contribution to Hollywood.

Perry’s younger fans will probably remember him best for depicting Fred, Archie Andrews’ father, on Riverdale, a comic book adaptation. When Luke Perry’s death was announced on Monday, both Perry’s longtime Generation X fans and his younger Riverdale fans started posting memories of him on social media. The fans that had met him in the past recounted his kindness and how he was always very friendly and approachable.

One fan, Deborah Muller, shared one such story about an encounter she had with Perry many years ago. Deborah Muller was a huge fan of Beverly Hills, 90201 growing up. Like many teenage and young adult girls back in the 1990s, she used to spend hours talking about Perry on the show, and she admits that Dylan McKay was her favorite character. She was 20-years-old in 1990 and saw Luke Perry and a few other celebrities attending the opening of a new Planet Hollywood restaurant in Orlando.

“I was so shy back then, he was eating and I didn’t want to interrupt him,” Muller said, according to Twistity. Muller took a little time to build up the strength to approach the actor. When she finally did, she found that Perry was friendly and even let her take extra pictures in case her eyes were closed in any of them.

“He was just the most humble and gracious and so very nice of all the people that I met that night,” Muller stated, according to Twistity.

Another fan from California, Jennifer Quirino, posted some photographs she had on Twitter back when she met Luke Perry in 1997. Perry was scheduled to be at a local K-mart store that day, and Quirino’s mother woke her up to attend the event. Although it took over an hour of waiting to meet Perry and get an autograph. Once she got close enough to see him, she started crying with excitement and jumping up and down.

“My heart stopped,” Perry said, according to Twitstity.

“He saw me crying and jumping up and down and walked over to me and hugged me and wiped my tear and said, ‘Honey don’t cry, people will be afraid to come to K-mart.'”

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