Halle Berry’s Stunning New Tattoo Surprises Fans

On March 5, Halle Berry had some interesting news to share with her Instagram followers. Berry posted a picture of her new tattoo, and while it isn’t subtle, it’s certainly attractive. The new tattoo is a work of art that decorates her spine from top to bottom.

When the 52-year old actress made her post to Instagram, her fans reacted approvingly. Berry is well-known for showing off her back when she dresses up, and the tattoo is so unique that her fans responded with overwhelming approval.

In the Instagram picture, Berry has her back turned to the camera so that her new ink is very visible, and she has her top off. Her petite figure is evident in the picture, so even without the tattoo the photo would still be eye-catching. However, the addition of her new tattoo makes the picture appear stunning. Also, it’s obvious the picture got a lot of attention and plenty of positive responses from her Instagram followers. Berry’s back tattoo is done in black ink, and the design of the tattoo resembles a vine decorating her spine.

“Who says I’m not a mermaid,” Berry wrote underneath her photo, according to Celeb News Network.

The background of Berry’s picture looks like it is her kitchen, and it also appears that she is making eggs as the photo is snapped.

Berry is topless in the picture, but all fans can see is her back, mostly because the tattoo is so stunning and eye-catching. While the picture is still a bit sultry, there is nothing about it that isn’t in good taste. Berry is wearing a skirt that sparkles, and the skirt looks like flashy scales on a mermaid, which helps make Berry’s caption clear and clever. Not only did Berry post the picture on her Instagram feed, but she also added it to her Instagram Stories, including several ocean and mermaid emojis.

Berry has never been shy about showing her body. She has always justified that by saying she hopes it motivates others to exercise and watch their diets. While we do see the occasional pictures of Berry on her social media, the actress also shares her exercise routines and the healthy snacks she eats with her fans as further encouragement. Occasionally on her social media, Berry also commends her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas. She has raved about Thomas several times in the past and thanked him for getting her in such great shape.

“Halle and I are training comfortably about five, sometimes six, times a week. She’s the hardest working actor I have ever met in my entire life. She is a real-life superhuman superhero,” Thomas said in January, according to Celeb News Network.

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