‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Says He’s Proud And Confident In The Decisions He Made

After months of spoilers and rumors swirling regarding Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, viewers have finally seen why he jumped the fence. Everybody was left hanging at the end of Monday’s episode and the two-night finale airing next week will reveal all the answers fans have been wanting. Coming up Tuesday night is the pre-taped “Women Tell All” special and Colton did open up after the taping about everything that’s gone down.

Underwood told Hollywood Life that despite the shock and heartbreak he endured while filming, he remains confident in how he handled things. Colton teased that the ending to his season is “interesting” and also hinted that what viewers would see is unique and truly different from what’s played out in previous seasons.

“I think it will definitely be something that I can look back at and be proud of who I am and the decisions I made.”

Colton hasn’t had the smoothest journey on-camera or on social media throughout this Bachelor run. As hard as things were during filming, Underwood details that it’s also quite tough to watch it all back. While he has acknowledged that it’s emotional to see it all play out on-screen, it looks like he’s tried to laugh when he could as well.


Monday night, as viewers watched Colton’s fantasy suite dates and the heartbreak with Cassie take place, Underwood took to Twitter to share some thoughts. In one Twitter post that garnered nearly 40,000 likes, The Bachelor star tweeted about how all of the drama at least had fans buzzing about something besides his virginity for a while.


It would surely be easy to watch these episodes air and struggle with some doubt or regret about the decisions made along the way. However, Colton says that’s not how he’s feeling.

“I am very comfortable in who I am and the decisions that I made and the man that I am. And, though I do care about a reputation or perspective with people and what they think of me, it honestly doesn’t matter at the end of the day – as long as I’m confident in who I am.”

Underwood went on to point out that being on television as The Bachelor doesn’t mean he’s invincible when it comes to having his heart broken. Colton obviously was crushed to hear what Cassie had to say to him while they were filming in Portugal, but spoilers tease that this story isn’t over yet.

Viewers waited all season long to see that heavily hyped fence jump and now it’s finally aired. However, The Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s still more heartbreak and chaos on the way before Colton Underwood’s season officially wraps up. Fans have had a lot to buzz about already and teasers suggest that there’s a lot more still on the horizon that will have people talking.

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